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Question #1192028740Wednesday, 10-Oct-2007
Category: ESFj
Does ESFj really vaule securtity more than any other type? I have a female esfj manager and we work in a hectic retail enviorment with bitch customers... today, there is this guy who i would consider to be Anti-social(psychopath)customer saying stuff to her that cannot be inmagined. I back her to the fullest and I alsmot had a fight with him and she felt so relieve.... I have backed others like that before at work but Out of all I think she felt the Most appreciated.. so Ladies/Gentlemen Does you Esfj really feel the need to feel sercured and protected more than other types? -- Common last name
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A1 Not more than all other types. But more than some types. -- Anonymous
A2 Irrespective of type, is it chauvanistic to say woman require more protection than men? -- ISTp
A3 Chauvanistic or not, it's the truth that they do. That's just the way life is when it comes to differences in sex. -- Anonymous
A4 Thats impossible to say that one type would need to feel secure more than another type. Anyone would appreciate being backed up in that situation, I know I would! Maybe its just easier to spot their emotions or maybe its all in your head. -- ENFp
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A5 A3 hit it on the head. Some things just are the way they are. The faster people can accept this, the happier they become. That's enlightenment. -- INFp guy
A6 I agree with answer 5, but if we ARE basing it off of type, I guess it makes sense to say that ESFj would like to feel secure. -- Vira Q.
A7 I don't know if ESFj's value security more than anyone else, but it seems like they do worry easily and have to be constantly reassured. -- ISFp
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