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Question #1191971529Tuesday, 9-Oct-2007
Category: Happiness
What is happiness mean to you ? -- Reputer
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A1 a day when nothing is scheduled and I can spend the whole day hiking without knowing that someone will be mad at me for not being somewhere else! I'm actually quite happy anytime I have free time or get to do something dangerous (climbing rocks, mixing unmarked chemicals, eating something new and weird looking, traveling....) -- istp
A2 Not being depressed, angered, sad, lonely, confused, exhausted, sick, dead. -- Some ENTP
A3 Music! infp -- Anonymous
A4 The book "Flow" is reasonably well done and applicable to all the types. I am happier when I'm doing an activity that I am engaged in and enjoy the challenge and reward of doing successfully. As in - VI'ing!!!!!! -- econdude
A5 When I succeed at that rare and wonderful thing: Making a real friend. -- INTp
A6 @A4 What you described, doing an activity that you enjoy and that engages you, is supposed to be good for your brain. (Can't remember where I heard that.) Anyway, I have found it extremely satisfying to find things to say on the spot that seem to "touch" or affect others (not necessarily that others are visibly touched, i.e. crying, but instead silenced/shocked in an unoffensive way). -- learning (infp)
A7 A6 - you just accomplished exactly what you described with me just now. :^) -- econdude
A8 happiness = really strong close relationships with family and at least one really intimate friendship. waking up and not knowing what the day will bring...the thought that anything can happen...that there are a billion possibilites. advedture. being in nature...pretty nature of course. purpose. life is empty and worthless without purpose. being able to portray exaclty what I want to portray in a work of art. listening to my favorite song on the radio. loving and being loved. a good relationship wiht God...of course. feeling safe. speaking out for change. making someone smile. connecting with people. expressing who I am. feeding starving children and bringing cupcakes to juvinille delinquent centers. using my gifts/abilities to make a difference. being accepted. getting a creative urge and acting on it to create something wonderful. last but not least.....nachos. -- ISFP(MBTI). Enneagram 4. "mercy giver"
A9 @A7 That makes me feel happy. -- learning
A10 One where I can do what I want to. If I'm feeling social, then it's hanging out with some people or going to a party, if I've been out for the whole week, I like just hanging around. Also any day without my cigarettes or weed is torture. -- ENTp
A11 Chilling out at the beach, not having worry about anything, drawing/reading anime, dancing, and pizza. -- Maggie
A12 being at peace with my God, having true friends, good family relationships, and a happy marriage. -- Anonymous
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A13 A bottle of prescription painkillers and a comfy bed. -- pandapanda (ENFp)
A14 happy time with happy ending is always nice, simple and complex pleasures and joy. happiness means: depends on the person simple enough. but 4 me happiness is life -- menke
A15 happiness is the absence of thought...pure perception -- INFp
A16 being able to help or aid someone who really needs it. -- Tricia (entp)
A17 To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women- Conan the Barbarian -- Anonymous
A18 Happiness is a warm puppy. Points if you know where that's from. <3 A17, by the way. -- Kanerou
A19 for me happiness is that feeling, it is not a thought. happiness is where I am not feeling unhappy, once again unhappy is a feeling. also where I am not in that emotional place in between. what inspires happiness changes, sometimes contentment is happy, contenment quickly turns to boredom, boredom turns to unhappy. sometimes novelty inspires happiness, other times novelty feels shallow and passing. I believe for me happiness would be continuous change over a stable core. I don't think I could be happy if I was always happy, you need some sadness for your happy. happiness is much like cookery, it's about mixing the ingrediants in a special way, or it's like....I don't know...Happiness for me is balancing my life, stability and instability. yin yan that's bollocks...happiness is watching diagnosis murder in a dressing gown, with no underwear, drinking tea and eating cake trying to decide whether columbo's better than monk...quincy's pretty good too. the world of forensic pathology is the most blah blah... -- boooooooooooooooored
A20 snoopy- how may points do I get and where do I convert them into prizes? -- still booooooooooooooooored
A21 A20, I'll have to adjust for inflation. You wouldn't happen to be ISFp? -- Kanerou
A22 a clique i fit in with, a fulfilling job, enough free time to pursue many other interests outside of my job, enough money for a good car, a decent apartment, good food, alcohol, drugs, nice clothes, concert tickets, travel, etc, a few lady friends to hook up with and a few friends of either gender who are usually down to hang out and do something fun. no diseases or handicaps. -- woodrow
A23 I think happiness is a feeling we make an effort to feel not just something that happens to us. I've spent a lot of years letting things what seems trivial now affect my emotional state while I can just ignore that and choose to focus on the good things, things that matters in the long run and the bright side of uncontrollable situations. I'm definitely for making laws that 'forces' us to make happiness maximizing choices. -- Anonymous
A24 omggg i love A8!! I'm enneagram 7 (not sure about my wing yet) sexual. Its kind of hard growing up as a sexual. I've always (esp when I was younger) wanted a very very close emotionally intimate relationship like "BEING ONE" (whatever that means) relationship with anyone possible... (cept for parents and older relatives (not sure why)) - friends, cousins, teachers (even!), neighbors etc.. just not with critical people.. i just never got the same response back from anybody... finding out my instinctual subtype sure explained a lot to me. i think my survival strategy has been abstinence (in a lot of ways) but i finally know what to do about that although I dont feel "incomplete" being single I've experienced some severe emotional frustration.. it may not be a big deal to everyone else but it was to me and now i know why. I look forward to meeting an ISFp soon. -- Anonymous
A25 If something/someone affects my mental/emotional state adversely, I get rid of them or stay away from them. I cease to think about such things or people. -- entp
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