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Question #1191534308Thursday, 4-Oct-2007
Category: ENFj ENTp Relationship
does anyone experienced an Enfj-Entp relationship? I personally think that entp thinks that we are annoying since we always teach them to be more moral... I also personally got into so much heated arguement with an Entp becuase i think she loves to scheme out anything that comes to her mind and make a debate? Has anyone ever experienced this? -- ENFJ
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A1 The ENTp I know does in fact find my ENFj friend to be very annoying... Though they haven't had any close interactions. He doesn't like it when she's being outwardly dramatic. And her constant mood swings, and outbursts. -- Anonymous
A2 I'm an entp and enfj is my favorite of all the types. :/ I have a few enfj friends and I don't think they're annoying at all. -- Anonymous
A3 I'm an ENFJ married to an ENTP. We've been married for 17 years. I agree that my entp husband finds me annoying sometimes because I take the moral high ground. I don't understand your 7scheme out anything that comes to mind' though. Infact, I'm the one that's more likely to take the viewpoint of the 'other side' in a discussion and present ideas as to what they might be thinking. Which is also a source of annoyance to my husband becasue sontimes he just wants soemone on his side in the arguement. -- Anonymous
A4 My best friend is an ENTP female married to an ENFJ. They get along great. -- Anonymous
A5 i am an ENTP and in my former job i worked with two ENFJs. damn, such emotional vampires. i hate having to listen to them pouring their hearts on their sleeves. -- Anonymous
A6 I'm an ENTP female, and my mother is an ENFJ. We consider each other more as friends than mother-daughter, but the "moral teaching" point raised is an interesting one because (a) Mum certainly likes to take the moral high ground, and does it with most people and (b) I happen to have a huge interest in ethics, so I traipse all over her favourite territory. The combination at first resulted in some incredible arguments, but now, 15 years on, we've rounded off each other's edges, and freely use each other as sounding boards about moral issues. I used to find her manipulative tactics annoying. She used to find my "logical approach" annoying. The common ground we found was respect for each other's honesty ... I challenge her as to what her underlying "practical" motivations are, and she digs until she's comfortable that I've extracted all emotional concerns out into the open. Having done that, we generally find ourselves in agreement. In short, it works. Would I want a relationship with an ENFJ? Hmmm ... probably not. It took far too much fighting to get to this point in relationship, and if Mum wasn't my mother, I would quite possibly have walked away in disgust long ago. As, no doubt, would she! That said, I'm sure it depends on the individuals in question. -- Anonymous
A7 ammm am im a ENTP and my girlfriend is ENFJ and mmmmm and the only tink I dont like is that she never wants to solve or confront the little problems in the relation ship and also dosent want to comunicate cincerily enough I always have to force her to talk about the little problems and confront our diferences instead she wants to just let it pass like if noting happend and i dont like that. I dont tink she is anoying I like a lot the way she is except for wath y just mencion before -- ENTP
A8 I'm an ENTP who finds ENFJs extremely annoying. The extroversion combined with the feeling... AND the J to boot. They seem to latch on and bore me to tears in such an intense way, without relenting. -- ENTP
A9 I have an ENFJ friend (girl) and she is so very judmental of everything I do. I do not think she appreciates me, and she does not understand that people are all different. She thinks everyone should be like her. What's up with that? -- ENTP
A10 I have a good ENFJ friend and have dated an ENFJ. As intelligent, reliable and caring as they both are, I find their materialistic, super-competative/motivated, unwavering ways combined with their completely different outlook on life unfulfilling in a relationship (platocially and romatically). I am quite certain that they both feel unfulfilled with me too : ) I still think both of them are great and admirable persons and I'd trust my life with them more than I would with most people, but I find that neither them nor I feel that there is a real connectionn - just loyalty and a sholder to lean on. -- entp
A11 I'm an ENTP in a working relationship with an ENFJ, and I'm frequently annoyed by what appears to be manipulation. I've told her NO on several of her ideas, and instead of moving on or correcting, she latches on and seems to look for back doors for getting her way. It comes across as nothing but manipulative. -- Anonymous
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A12 im an entp male who despises enfj males and i'm head over heels for an enfj female....who just happens to have an enfj twin brother who acts like my friend, but loves to cockblock and talk crap about me when i'm not around. what a world lol -- Anonymous
A13 I'm a female entp married to a enfj. All the enfj's seem to be saying how they "teach" their high morals. Their personality trait though is guilt manipulation, and I'm sure this is what they're doing when they think they're teaching. So, couple with my entp lack a emotional ampathy, which is really not caring about their guilt lecture teaching, is probably where the finding them annoying is coming from -- Anonymous
A14 Im an enfj female. I have two enfp males in my life who both can't have me but idolize me to the fullest, write poems, write songs, orate about it, drip and dry on my words and smiles- it's been that way a long time and i only in the past few months had them take the personality test, as i have of many close to me. anyways- the guys are friends to me, but friends who literally both have told me (how many times?) that they want to marry me! I can't even.. begin to explain.. how AMAZING these guys make me feel, except I hate to see their pain. The best things is our striking and amazing conversations I have with them (they've never met each other). I'm dating INTJ right now and our conversations aren't at all as impressive or ground-shaking. This is very interesting to see this question on here... -- Noelle
A15 There's an article somewhere on this website which says lots of people think they're ENTp, regardless of whether they are or not. And when combined with the fact ENFj is one of the most varying in external appearance (not literally) and thus probably the most difficult to type, I thereby discredit the validity of this whole thread! -- Th
A16 .multiply-confirmed entp here. have two (rather different) confirmed definite enfj friends. personally, i enjoy enfj's (at least as friends)- their Ni-Fe combo makes them much better at figuring out my feelings than I am, and they seem to appreciate my ability to break everything down into small analyzable bits. Unlike with most other E types, I don't find myself worn out/overwhelmed after spending too much time with them- basically, we both become conscious of over-stimulation and by mutual silent agreement we tone down the level of intensity. So at least for me personally Entp-Enfj is a great combo =) -- entp female
A17 I'm an ENFj female who has dated an ENTp male for a few years. We clicked from the start, approach life similarly (probably due to being N's instead of S's), and generally respect one another. However, issues have come up the longer we've dated. At times, his logical intensity has come at the expense of my emotional well-being and like the "Relations of Benefit" article describes, he doesn't listen to me nor care to compromise; he hardly ever admits to being wrong and refuses to give up his position of power. For the ENFjs out there, I would recommend dating an ENTp ONLY if he/she is humble. If not, good luck! -- Anonymous
A18 I am an ENTp. My mother and sister are both ENFj. I get on brilliantly with my sister. There is the potential for us to disagree over me teaching her children skills and understanding, as she thinks they'll find me intellectually intimidating. (She may be right.) My relationship with my mother has moments of verbalised rage. I also hate the way she pussy-foots around when she wants to raise a tricky issue. It actually makes it much more stressful anticipating what she's going to say, and I find it hard to understand why she can't just come right out and say it. My theory, cribbed from this site (description of Beneficial relations), is that the problem I have with an ENFj arises only where they act as if they are the boss of me. My sister (who is younger than me) will only do that (understandably) in relation to the upbringing of her children. My mother will do it more generally. However a contributing factor may be that my sister has fantastic cognitive empathy whereas my mother's is a bit ropier. -- Anonymous
A19 INFJ. My boyfriend's an ENTP (fits the definition perfectly) and finds all 3 of my (very much) ENFJ friends annoying. He says, like many others have, that he can't stand their manipulating, as well as always changing the topic back to something they can pretend to be experts on. I love my ENFJ friends. And he's very accepting of most other types. But this seems to be a trend with enfj-entp. I'm sure a lot depends on gender as well. -- Q
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