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Question #1189965919Sunday, 16-Sep-2007
Category: INFj ESTj ENTj Relationship
I am an Ifnj and I have 2 friends one is an Estj and the other an Entj. The trouble is I am attracted to both and they both like me. Can anyone tell me what a typical Ifnj/Estj as well as an Ifnj/Entj relationship would be like long term . ifnj -- anonymous
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A1 Well my experience with these romantic decisions on rational basis isnt very good. If your soul and heart and brains together dont tell you which one to choose, I would advise you to throw socionics in the dustbin and either choose no-one or wait a bit, maybe time will show who of them is better for you. -- Ezis
A2 but a1 what is your type though -- Anonymous
A3 A1: Another irrational choice would be to throw your heart, soul, and brains in the dustbin and put absolute faith in socionics, don't you think? ::wink:: -- MD
A4 Well one is your dual (ESTj) and one is your advisor right? So I would read the descriptions for each of those socionic relationships and see if they match the relationships you have with these guys. And then pick the one you think is preferable. (Btw, I'm a huge ENTj fan, but that's just me!) -- Anonymous
A5 i think one is my dual and one is semi- dual. As an Infj one makes me feel alive and ready for action (Entj) and the other makes me feel safe and stable(Estj) I was wondering if anybody had any experience with both. -- Anonymous
A6 I am an INFJ. I am going through a separation with an ESTJ who was my BF for years before we hooked up. Yes, they do make you feel stable and secure, but they are very controlling and are not very emotionally supportive. They can be sweet, but you will find a lot lacking as they aren't very romantic either. Do yourself a favor...find someone in your NF tribe that you can see yourself with for the long haul. -- Anonymous
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