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Question #1189700167Thursday, 13-Sep-2007
Category: ENFp Typing
Hello, everybody! I am an ENFP and am pretty sure about that. All the type describtions I read fit wonderfully and I think that this will help me to explore myself and my relations to other people! A very strange thing though is that my sister also turned out to be an ENFP according to the same test! And we differ from each other so much that it's just hilarious! Our values, behavior, attitude to other people, our percepion of the world - it seems that we don't have much in common. Furthermore, all type describtions don't seem to fit her at all and neither me, nor does she seem convinsed about that she is an ENFP. But she already took 2 tests and maybe it's true after all! I am very confused, because I don't want to speculate wrongly! Maybe ENFPs _can be_ that different? I'm sorry if the question is a bit inadquate, but I'm still not very "into" this subject..:) (And my english isn't very good either -- Neda, enfp
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A1 Hi Neda. I am an ISTP, and I really admire ENFP types. In my experience, ENFP's can display very different behaviors and qualities externally while still being true to the ENFP type. In my opinion this may be due to the theatrical nature of the ENFP. In a way, the ENFP can take on whatever persona seems fitting for the occasion. One ENFP may choose to behave a certain way and associate with certain types of people while another ENFP may choose an alternate form of self-expression and social network. I have met a number of ENFP's in recent years. While some of them display pretty typical ENFP characteristics, many of them seem to be a bit more enigmatic. I think it is quite likely that both you and your sister are ENFP types. -- Matt
A2 He's right, you know. -- Beatle
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A3 More suggestions: one of you also can be Ne subtype and the other Fi subtype. That can make big differences even within one type. And also, it's my experience that sisters tend to unconsciously try to differ from each other, in order not to tread into each other's field. But it's also possible one of you is ENFp and the other ESFp, for example, as the tests of course can never be hundred percent correct. -- Ezis
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