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Question #1188017767Saturday, 25-Aug-2007
Category: Typing Tests INFp INFj
I am hoping somebody can shed some light on conflicting test results I keep getting, regarding MBTI/Socionics type. I have been familiar with MBTI for some time now, and based on the test, type descriptions, and an examination of the various functions, I am sure INFP fits me the best. Now in my understanding, this means that my dominant function will be and my auxillary will be , which again, seems to fit. When I turn to socionic types, however, I continually test INFp, meaning and as dominant and auxillary functions, respectively. Using the quick test, I have no trouble chosing the p column of descriptors, and using the longer version of the test, I always get p-unconscious and j-conscious, which corresponds to INFp. Am I to assume that this difference between tests has to do with incompatability between the two testing systems, or is it something to do with how I'm going about trying to figure my type out? Both INFP and INFp descriptions seem to fit me better than INFJ/INFj ones, so I'm at a loss. Any help is greatly appreciated! -- Chris
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A1 in socionics =INFp and =INFj. what are your experiences with ESTjs and ESTps? -- Anonymous
A2 MBTI is more of a career test. Your extraverted function determines your j/p, always. It's a broken mirror, guyz -- Anonymous
A3 Yeah, socionics is the way to go. An E vs I, N vs S, etc. based MBTI test will give you the correct result, but wrongly tell you your functions are FiNe. A function based MBTI test (which is rare) will tell you that you're NiFe (because you are) but that your type is INFJ. Just ignore functions when it comes to MBTI, Socionics is where it's at when it comes to functions. Like A2 said, MBTI is a broken mirror. -- Woodrow
A4 Don't worry. Socionics and MBTI are 2 totally different jungian systems. Functions don't have the same meanings. So one can have INFp (NiFe) and INFP (FiNe) or INFp (NiFe) and INFJ (NiFe) as types. There are NO contradictions. If your type is INFp(Socionics) your dual is ESTp, if your type is INFj (Socionics) your dual is ESTj. Maybe this link helps you -- piccolo_michel
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