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Question #1187971865Friday, 24-Aug-2007
Category: Intertype Relations
Has anyone entertained a notion of likeliness for a conflict to arise with a Mirror type? Esp. for young people whose auxiliary function is not very well developed? This seems to be the case because, first, the probability is high for the Mirror types to come in contact with each other because of the mutual acquaintance with the Activity-Dual. Second, because the Mirror types tends to symbolize the first "blind-spot" in ones life that young people must face, and therefore negative shadow projection is likely to occur. For instance, an INTp with well-developed dominant intuition but insufficiently developed auxiliary extraverted thinking may feel that his "abstract ideas" cannot be understood by people and feels inadequate to converse with the real world. To him, the extraverted thinker seems to represent the corporate buisiness type who are exactly a kind to dismiss his impractical and not-ready-to-use ideas. The situation is worsened by the fact that INTp "knows" that in order for him to feel happy, he needs to be recognized and the only way he could do so is to develop his secondary function which always requires more energy than projecting it as a negative shadow on someone else. -- lucki
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A1 Any person, regardless of type, placed under severe pressure (all types are equally "vulnerable" ... they all have a PoLR) from youth is likely to place more emphasis on their dominant function than the creative function. The creative function shapes the recieved input of the dominant function. You are right in part, only that many INtps are never really understood even with their function developed (not in their own times anyway). They are not likely to consider argumentation worthwhile (much like the ISFp, their super-ego partner) but they have a natural gift for this kind of "verbal sparring." They are likely to slice away at what they think is their opponent's first premise and jump to the next topic (a well-developed INTp may be very good at this) or just stop talking altogether. Like the ISTp, they are masters of the one-liner, but may have slightly better erudition in subjects like literature/philosophy (remember, ISTps also express some interest in these topics). -- Anonymous
A2 I think this situation might perhaps lead to a conflict, but I have never come across it. I think it might as well lead to the Mirror partners learning to know each other and themselves better. This relationship might teach both of them a lot about their first two functions. This is the case of me (ESFp) and my ISFj sister. We are young and our auxiliary functions are not so well developed, so there might theoretically be conflict situations between us, as you suggest, but there are not. I think that generally, there are not many conflicts among the members of the same quadra. I learn a lot from the way my sister uses her primary Fi. Similarly, she learns from me how to joke or jump from great heights. I think we sometimes envy each other the confidence with which the other uses the functions that are just auxiliary in us, but we benefit from it rather than quarrel, and I enjoy the relationship with her a lot. Its not in vain that the Mirror relations are the fourth best ones. -- Ezis
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A3 Put two ENTJs head to head in a competetive situation and I'll show you conflict. - ENTJ -- Anonymous
A4 Actually, the conflict I observed came from a somewhat superficial friendship situation, and also was perhaps pathological in the sense that the people involved were going though certain pressure in their life. Of course I could be wrong in typing them, but it dealt with ESFj and ISFj of my acquaintance. The ESFj was quite demanding and forceful in pushing her values onto others which seems to have come in direct conflict with the more subtley sensitive values of the ISFj friend. I (INTp) and my friend (ISFp) were somewhat more lenient with their ethical value judgements so never really got in conflict with them.(Introverted feeling value of Gamma showing?) The result is that we now tend to get together but always without one or the other of those two friends. It struck me as odd because ISFj and ESFj friends seemed to be rather similar in their life outlook etc. except for the attitude, but the conflict seemed to happen exactly because of it. -- Anonymous
A5 I actually posted A3. The point is, INTp interprets "No one listens well enough. How can I force this point?" then thinks up some total storm, and ENTj then states, "Time is money. Someone always pays." and may or may not listen better. -- The Sum-Total ENTJ.
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