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Question #1186502084Tuesday, 7-Aug-2007
Category: ENTp INTj Intertype Relations
i am an ENTP female whom most people would consider as "one of the boys." i found it pretty interesting that most of my male friends, especially those closest to me, are INTJs. what's the correlation between INTJs and ENTPs? does the gender factor count? -- marga
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A1 I have always found interaction with ENTp frustrating, gender aside. They seem to always take the left when I suggest right, just because and for no other plausible reason. I like a measure of order and productivity but they seem to love all the balls in the air, basically chaos. Are you sure that your friends are not the socionics INTp? -- I/O
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A2 Well, INTjs and ENTps are mirror partners, which (in my experience at least) make very good friendships. I'm not sure about the gender factor though - I'd say it varies per individual. -- BLauritson
A3 Being an female ENTP, you dig the attention of a bunch of introverted males, who always laugh at what you have to say, and who aren't capable of telling you what's really on their minds. Being INTJ, they do so vicariously through their intuition. Quite possibly while you are in the room... -- Anonymous
A4 The last sentence of A1 should have read "Are you sure that your friends are not the socionics ISTj?" - I inverted the wrong letter set. I say that because ISTj seem to want to ingratiate themselves to ENTp, who would relish the attention. Also, I can see ISTj considering themselves and others as “one of the boys” but not INTj. -- I/O
A5 ENTp and INTj are both part of the Alpha quadra. ENTp and INTj both value Extraverted Intuition and Introverted Thinking, the difference being that the ENTp's main function is Ne and his secondary function is Ti, whereas the INTj's main function is Ti and his secondary function is Ne. So INTj and ENTp see the world in the same way, just with difference emphasis. Gender doesn't seem to enter much into how different Socionics types relate. From what I can tell gender does have other, much more basic effects on relationships, which would be the same no matter which types were involved. -- Krig (INTj)
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