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Question #1185693748Sunday, 29-Jul-2007
Category: Visual Identification Genes Theory
Is there any correlation between parent/offspring quadras/types? - or do preferences develop mostly after birth? - also, how accurate is VI identification? - and what do facial characteristics (broad/narrow chin/jaw, pointy/flat nose, round/long face, etc.) have to do with a person's personality? Neglecting proper diet can make a person pale, or thin, or over-weight, but where's the link to a person's preset facial structure? -- Anonymous
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A1 @sirac; this question has been roving about. there are no researched or educated scientific answers, but a few intellegent assumptions might suffice for now. assuming Type/or/Quadra is genetic, it is obvious that parents with a certain type would tend to reer off-spring toward a certain type composition... also assuming the purely genetic element, it may be so that certain facial features and expressions agment a certain types expression, therefore although surreal in that it is beyond scientific biological expression language, it does fit and make 'philo-logical' sense. i could say more if u require, but the topical expression of this solution is more than sufficient for now. -- Anonymous
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A2 father , mother children: ; ; perhaps, this might be a good way to get solutions to one point of this topic, u do similar for your family, note, that only one child is same quadra, whereas, the others share dominant information metabolisms of either parent. -- Anonymous
A3 to add my bit of dad's an INTP, me mam's an ISFJ. i'm an INFP. diff quadras i think... -- the Shez
A4 this is nothing but pure observaton, but i have noticed tempermet trends in families and preference trends, my mother INFJ, my father ENFP, my oldest sister ENFP, my younger sister ESFP, myself INTJ. and my mothers family, F INFJ, M Ixxx ?, B1 INTP, B2 ISTJ, S1 INFJ. my fathers family,F ESTJ, M ESFJ, S1 ESFJ, B1 ESFP, B2 ENFP. so as you can see my immediate family has a trend of intuitors. my paternal family has exraverted and sensing trends, and my maternal has a introverted trend and an intuitive trend. so it seems at least from this example to be nature more than nurture because some of my immidiate family members me INTJ my younger sister ESFP have pick up on temperment types of mebers of of our extended families SP and NT where most of the others are either NF or SJ and where there where not temperment trends there where usualy at least a preference trend. on another note i have noticed striking resemblences phsicaly in only those of identical types within our family....(INTJ420) -- Anonymous
A5 I'm confused too about how much parents' types affect children's type by nature or nurture. I've read that babies in wombs have different temperaments, as mothers would probably know, (the ones that are fidgety and kick a lot are found to be restless and temperamental as adults and the ones that sleep a lot in the womb are comparatively slightly calm or less energetic as teens or grown ups) . I've also read that introversion and extraversion is heritable to some percentage. Since types tend to change quite a bit in people, is it possible that types may change over time because of external demands? Like if someone (a child) by chance moves in the neighborhood and become inseparable best friends with a child of that age living there that of an 'incompatible' type, and they grow up together, would they both develop tendencies of each other's duals by trial and error of their behaviour to get along the best and to deal with each other? -- Anonymous
A6 the connection between facial characteristics and personality....the only possible explanation i can think of is linked genes - genes for certain personality preferences being physically close to facial characteristic genes on a chromosome (and thus more likely to be inherited together) Also, being of a particular personality type will affect how you use your senses...for instance, b/c ISTj's are Ti Se (prefer to systematize detailed concrete information), they often have a squinty, critical look ...and that over time may also cause their brows to take on the characteristic ISTj arch. -- S
A7 it's possible! but would take alot of research, and i reckon the socionics theory as a whole needs to get wider recognition before this big step will be taken. -- th
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