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Question #1185356637Wednesday, 25-Jul-2007
Category: Socionics Personality Theory
Hi, I'd like to ask you how socionics types relate to Keirsey's type, and what the main differences in the two systems are. Thanks! -- Anonymous
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A1 Keirsey uses four main categories: guardian-SJ, artisan-SP, rational-NT, and idealist-NF. Socionics types remain "true" to these categories (at least at some superficial level). However, socionics also factors in temperament: IP, EP, IJ, EJ, etc. Because of this, the N/S and T/F dichotomies become "smudged" sometimes, at least in appearance (remember, everyone uses EVERY "function" as they are all required for living). FOR EXAMPLE: An INTP may resemble an ISTP because they are both of introverted irrational temperament (IP) and have the same hidden agenda (Fi). But because of this, they may sometimes seem like INFP or ISFP to someone who cannot correctly identify their peculiar usage of the (Fi) function. ***** Keirsey identifies each major category with a prefered "world-view" -- roughly speaking: SJs prefer the past (traditions), SPs prefer the present (here and now), etc. I'll have to add a cautionary note, for the NF and NT distinctions. He claims that NFs are situated on "pathways" (to the future) and NTs on "crossroads" (I suppose he means, trying to notice how the three timeframes "interlink"). ***** As far as I know, Keirsey did not use MTBI/Socionics "functions" to identify abilities. He only stated the "likely" developmental processes for each type. -- Anonymous
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A2 According to Keirsey: SJs practice "logistics" more than anything else. SPs practice "tactics" (arts and crafts). NFs practice "diplomacy" and NTs "strategy." NFs according to Keirsey are opposite SPs and NTs opposite SJs. This doesn't seem like a "logically" consistent theory from his "terms" alone (one would expect" NJ-SP and SJ-NP to be diametrical opposites)...he attempts to compensate by further classifying SPs and NTs as "utilitarian" types (concrete & theoretical respectively) and SJs and NFs as "cooperative" types (ditto). Both theories are in highly tentative phases and have little (bio-psycho)logical support at present. -- Anonymous
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