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Question #1184994915Saturday, 21-Jul-2007
Category: INTp
How do the physical descriptions of the types come about? I mean the actual physical looks lol I'm a INTP (I've only recently found out) and I have a aquiline nose, sorrowful eyes (even when I'm not sad ) and I nearly always allow my jaw to drop does my personality have anything to do with this or vice versa?? -- intrigued
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A1 howzit...another INTp here. i am not one to give envision a model with me. physical.-.psychological imagine the socion [intp or whatever] is an invisible object, it is seen and propogated in two vectors..that being the physical and the psychological. psyc we can clarify, we all type ourselves and see the patterns of years and several weaknesses we have noticed, but lets imagine -apart from thinking that the dudes who drew up the first base theory on physical appearance are idiots- that everyone with a specific type is satisfied to be embued with those physical characteristics for the type. Emphasis on _satisfied_ i don't have an aquiline nose, but yes, a different nose. the INTp 'vector' (if i can coin this word for use here), is supposed to be authoritive on a level, and contemplative, with 'eyes of X-quality'. this said, i saw pics of INTp's, and some, the younger ones, genuinely look ugly with there sorriful eyes, it is more social uncomfortability, and the emotion of being left behind, which since it is an emotion, can become 'coined' and often does in the INTp personality. but amongst these many INTp pictures, some of the older ones where malignant for one old man (obvious, u draw the conclusions of why...u an intp), and the middle-aged ones looked beautiful, and authoritive, one middle-aged man seemed to burn the ground between him and his audience with what can be said to be the 'emotion of prediction'. also saw physical portriants of sEE/ESFp and iLE/ENTp, and thought it was accurate with what i have seen. @sirac! that may not answer any questions, but it can evolve thoughts on the matter. -- Anonymous
A2 I'm INTp and it all fits me. Except that my mouth is only slightly open, because I like to breath through my mouth. I suppose the jaw dropping is because of not "paying attention" to jaw muscles. And also I don't have rounded shoulders or slouch anymore. Of the pictures of celebrities listed on this site, I think I look most like the picture of George Harrison I'm not so good at reading expressions that I could tell what's the emotional content supposedly prestented by my eyes. From my point it reminds me of the expression tigers have. But other people probably don't think that way Maybe they just think I look like an axe-murderer Actually it would be interesting to know, what someone who's good at reading peoples expressions thinks what feeling I'm emoting. To the question why there's a connection. It's probably because of multiple things. One of them probably is because same hormones that affect the forming of a personality type, also affect facial and body structure. And the other reason is that thinking/feeling in similar fashion causes people to have similar expressions. -- INTp
A3 The personality types are NOT scientific. See Wikipedia for reference sources on the subject. You're also using anecdotes and confirmation bias on a pseudoscientific topic. -- Imagine Reason
A4 Well I do look and fit the ENTp desciption to a dime. I just think that the Russians compiled a lot of data after giving the personality tests, and then gave out the similarities between the majority of a type. We know that not every person can fit every decription of their personality type, but their is no reason why we should. Its been shown that identical twins have freaky similarities of habits and choices made when they are seperated at birth. People with similar brain chemistry probably have the same sort of habits, but of course not to the same extent as identical twins. Nature vs. Nurture baby. -- ENTPee
A5 A2: INTp and people think you look like an axe-murderer? Are you sure of your type? All INTps I know look as dissimilar to an axe-murderer as possible. They look very non-aggressive and non-physical. -- Anonymous
A6 intp's are puny, not simply meaning in terms of genetic build btw.. Those occasional ones who aren't just need a good sore slap. -- Anonymous
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A7 A3: I don't know if it's scientific or not (the personality theory entitled socionics), but if I use it and it works, why would I care if it's scientific? -- econdude is back
A8 I get annoyed with people having some stereo type about intros being unattractive??? My father is an into and the women throw theirselves at him. I am also an intp and it seems like the Pickens are pretty ripe. I am PRETTY darn sure I am more attractive then my sister, istp. So, I just wish people would give that **** up. I'll tell you what type is unattractive: enfj -- Whitney
A9 i dont know if its true in other places but 90% of all INTps i`ve met have specs(me included).I dont it in the genes?? -- INTp
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