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Question #1184948775Friday, 20-Jul-2007
Category: ENFj Hidden Agenda
What is the hidden agenda of ENFj (to be wealthy) mean? -- Anonymous
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A1 a mental moralization over exercising too much of the power in mental-facul-tude an ENFj notices in there process and observation of the world... that is, they morally or psychologically wrestle with 'becoming rich' the rest, or whatever thought/feelings are expressed by the ENFj, has to do with there evolution as an individual. @sirac! -- Anonymous
A2 ENXj usually have a natural ability to lead, and most aspire to be leaders to varying degrees. Wealth would be the most assured vehicle to becoming a leader. -- I/O
A3 Wealthy could refer to a wealth of money, possessions, knowledge, experience, friends or education but for ENXj, it most commonly refers to legal tender. -- I/O
A4 Greed usually sums it up for the ENTJ and ENFJ. Enthusiasm and a glimmer of light in their eye appears when talking of future plans to be RICH. -- Anonymous
A5 I think it is about power. They strive to control, which is power fundamentally. This is their greatest strength in that they can show tremendous dedication, work hard, and quickly and efficiently attempt to realize their vision. On the other hand this leads them to make judgments too quickly, and to annoy others at times with an approach that can be/appear selfish, overbearing, and hypocritical. -- Anonymous
A6 I think I am an ENFJ and the hidden agenda surprised me. The only way I can see it fits with me is that I would love to be rich so as to be free from the constraints and worries of having to earn a living just for me and my family - so I can spread my giving further and do what I really WANT to do with my time (which would be to transform people's lives in some large scale way). Does that make sense to any other ENFJ's out there or do you think maybe I am not an ENFJ? -- Anonymous
A7 A5 seems somewhat accurate for both ENFjs and ENTjs; but certainly NOT the greed hypotheses. -- Anonymous
A8 The HA of the ENFjs and ENTjs, to be wealthy, can be interpreted as a predilection for accumulating clout and exerting influence; for ENFjs specifically, this entails a desire to influence others' emotional activity ( base), to be the catalyzing agent that arouses sincere passion - especially on universal themes or global issues. -- lincoln
A9 A6, I am an ENFj and i completely have that tendency to feel safe and worry-free form money, many posts here are an ENFj who have gone wrong. -- Jas
A10 A8, very interesting answer, it clarifies it for me. thanks -- Anonymous
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A11 As an ENFJ, I would agree with A6 and Lincoln's analysis. I want all the HAs, actually, as do most people, but I tend not to usually openly admit the wealth one. But, in reality, I know wealth would give me the stability (physical and emotional) and clout and resources to influence and give a bunch of other people the things they want or need. In other words, I could check out of the usual hum-drum, day-to-day working and making a living and move on to a point where I could focus on doing more good things for others. In a way, money is the root of all good. -- Anonymous
A12 I personally think they want an ideal world that others seem to have, which gives them de-stabilizing insecurity... I think in some ENFJ's minds, if they had all the wealth in the world, the sometimes empty smile they wear would actually be backed up with a real sense of happiness and security... Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm an ENFP, I'm used to being told that by ENFJ's... No prob. I bounce back. -- gatorchaser
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