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Question #1184833170Thursday, 19-Jul-2007
Category: ENTp ESFj Activity Relationship Intertype Relations
Do ENTPs and ESFJs make good friends/partners? -- Anonymous
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A17 I'm an ENTP dating an ESFJ. We get along fine, and quarrel very little. Communication can be frustrating at times, but as long as you're patient and understanding of your partner, it's absolutely worth it. I couldn't be happier with our relationship, and strongly urge anyone considering this match up to give it a go. -- Anonymous
A18 I'm a picture-perfect ENTP. ESFJs are the single most difficult personality for me to get along with. I recognize their usefulness in society, but it seems that we serve polarized purposes. ESFJs DO NOT appreciate when the boat is rocked, and that's pretty much all ENTP does. ENTP hates being put in a box, and ESFJs are all about boxes. It's a sheep-dog/watch-dog dichotomy. The best relationship I can have with an ESFJ is when we don't have much influence on one another's life. Trying to change an ESFJ's mind is like pulling teeth, and ENTP will LOATHE being told what to do "just because." -- Diogenes
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A19 I am Entp married ESFJ for 9 yrs, I enjoyed his emotional understanding of me at the beginning , but it gets no where, under stress, I found him to be ungly competitive, a person who is expert to make Entp misrable, silently or with nonsense conversation . Life is pretty boring, no room to make mistakes, since he has value for norms too much, moves very slow in life, well helpful at home all the time, willing to follow order if emotion is protected, feels safe. For me I found this relationship to be exhausting suck the life out of me, boring, dull, confusion, most off all stuck, the main feeling that Entp despise. -- Selam
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