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Question #1184793518Wednesday, 18-Jul-2007
Category: Socionics Theory Functions
Since each of the sixteen types exhibit various weaknesses, does this imply any limits to what a Type can or cannot do? Do ISFp mathematicians exist? Has anyone ever encountered an INTp stand up comic? Or an ISFj engineer? -- Peter
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A1 Most people I see seem to naturally gravitate to something that complements their perspective, but these certainly aren't die-hard limitations. I know a lawyer who is the "lawyer" type, a psychologist who is the "psychologist" type and a police officer who is a "gaurdian" type. However, I also know an ENFJ chemist, for example, who teaches underprivileged students music lessons on the side. He considers that his true passion. I imagine a lot of people choose jobs for money, parental pressure, or just because they don't really understand what they want out of a career. One thing I've noticed that I think is interesting, is that people seem to gravitate to jobs they are attracted to rather than jobs that fit them. For instance- I am an INFP who is about to be done with a Government & Politics degree. Since I have started studing socionics, I realize it's not that Government is "Me," it is that I am naturally attracted to power because I lack strong . -- Joseph
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A2 ES/NTps have a weak . Does this mean they will have little interest in philanthropy? -- Anonymous
A3 Why wouldn't INTp be good stand-up comic? They are one the funniest people around. And usually aren't afraid of speaking to large crowds. -- Anonymous
A4 I think your question is a really good one. I think socionics should ask people what their type and their job/s are. I am an ESFJ. We are not supposed to be good at tertiary studies. I didn't know what I wanted to do as a career so I just followed parental pressure. I did a science degree majoring in computer science and an economics degree majoring in accounting at the top universities. I was a tax agent for 15 years. I did some acting in TVs and movies. I went back to do further studies I started a Masters in Multi-media computing and all my lecturers offered me tutoring jobs in their subject. For 2 years I lectured a computing subject. Ideally what I enjoy doing is something different each day of the week and for about a year I did just this. At the moment I only have two different jobs plus I organise and am the back bone of a large family! My daughter and her friends have just done the Morrisby careers test. It is geared more highly to students interests because they say that this is the best indication of whether a child will suceed in a given career not their aptitude or skill in a given area. They have worked this out based on 10 years of statistics. The instructor explained to use that Myers-Briggs is quite limiting in what it can tell of what career a person should choose and that it is much more useful to determine what area of a particular career choice you should specialise in eg research vs working with people vs working alone, etc. -- Anonymous
A5 @A2 No I know a no. of ES/NTps who donate lots of money and time to charity and they do not brag about it either! -- Anonymous
A6 The INTPs that I know like to be taken seriously, so I suppose if they were being a very witty and clever or political comedian they would be quite happy doing that. Cause A3 is right they don't mind speaking to crowds -- Anonymous
A7 There are no limits to what each type can do, it is only that each type prefers to work different jobs. And, I know an ISFj engineer - it is my father -- Anonymous
A8 I believe Bob Newhart is an INTp. I had an INTp friend who was funny, although probably mostly to me. He saw the absurdity in situations and pointed it out in a funny way, which probably somewhat describes Bob Newhart's comedy. I personally think mathematics ability has nothing to do with type. What type is Daniel Tammet? How about Chris Langan (ISTj)? Who would have thought an ISTj would independently arrive at a theory of the universe, without formal schooling? Take all ENFps - more than average are probably in public relations, but many are janitors, accoutants, teachers, lawyers, factory workers, and whatever else, and may or may not be happy with it in each individual case. My best guess is that aptitude is expressed through the filters of each of the sixteen types. -- econdude
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