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Question #1183763594Friday, 6-Jul-2007
Category: Hidden Agenda Socionics Theory
i'll ask this in two parts: please explain the meaning/manifestation of the "hidden agenda" function for each personality type - ex. type ... needs/wants to ... + common/easily recognizable instance of each "hidden" agenda creeping up to the surface also, how would a kiersey's temperament-sorter analysis carry over into socionics? kiersey's temperament-sorter is a bit like mtbi but expanded into a full-fledged "theory" (nomenclatural system?) - the quadrants are split somewhat differently in the two theories (i'll suspend my own suspicions for now to leave the floor open). -- chris
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A1 Hidden agenda is something that's always a ulterior motive for the person. And the actions that would be reguired to directly pursue this goal, the person feels are lame or shameful or something like that. For instance INTp's think that flirting in most situations is really lame. But they might for instance arange things so that they get to work with someone they like, just in case the other person starts to like them too. Or for example ESFp could think it's lame to go to library and get books about some subject, and then read them by themselves to learn something. Instead they could for example date someone who knows about a subject they are interested, so that maybe the person will teach them about the subject, but they won't date the person only just because the person knows about the subject. It's probably easier to find the hidden agenda, by observing what the person seems to be constantly avoiding. Other thing is that they might show or say that things related to their hidden agenda are lame or shameful and so on, but they won't normally bring the subject up. You would have to know the type of the person before, to guess that the person is doing something because of their hidden agenda. -- Anonymous
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