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Question #1183225235Saturday, 30-Jun-2007
Category: Theory Personality
I have a question regarding ISTPs and asperger's sydrome. I am dating a guy and i thought he was an ISTP but it appeares a lot of his actions are more aspergerish then just ISTP. I am so confussed about whether this is just his personality or he has asperger's. When we started dating he said "he was special" since he was a machanic and struggled in school. He always says he is not that smart. However, he is really smart machanically. He lacks social skills. Not in a bad way. It is just that he is so shy and social setting scare him. He will start sweating in a crowd and not make eye contact or will make eye contact brefiely. His body will also tense up and become like a board. He lives to work and works endless hours on tractors. He really has no friends. He seems to think having friends is too much work. And at times he seems to think having a girlfriend is too much work. He has even said to me that he just wants to be a hermit. Yet he has one of the softest sweetest personalities. His is a person who is often scared, anxious, independent, lonely and sweet. He really has no big dreams for the future. He is very machanical and lives to fix things. He plans his next day in advance and becomes very anxious and almost confussed if he does not plan in advance. But everything has to be on his schedule. I am so confussed as to whether this is an istp with asperger's syndrome that has never been diognoise. Even people that know him will say he grew up in a sheltered home and does not know how to interact socially. But he has no desire to!!! I would welcome any input. How do i bring this up or should i? Or is he just an extreme istp? -- Anonymous
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A1 Well doesn't seem just like a "normal" ISTp. But that could be many things other than asperger's syndrome. Like for example: avoidant personality disorder, schizoid pd, neurotic, autistic, some kind of social anxiety or phobia, or something else. Then again he could be just a very shy ISTp. When he says he's "special", is that some kind of tag that for example his parents have given him? That could mean that he has already been diagnosed as something, but he has only been told that he is "special". -- RR INTp
A2 Sneak him the AQ test. Sounds Aspie to me. -- Anonymous
A3 I'm intp and I'm not very social either. In middle school and high school, there was a time period for about 8 years when I almost completely never hung out with anyone outside of school at all. Once, my mom said something like she was wondering if my dad and I had asperger's (he also intp), but I don't think I do. On the personality test on, I usually score kind of schizoid, though. -- Anonymous
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A4 well with almost 7 billion people out there in the world, naturally there are going to be a lot of differences between people of the same type. some istps and intps are very aspergerish, and others are a lot more socially confident. some talk a lot. some are pretty quiet. most fall somewhere in between. if someone is quiet there's a higher chance they are an introvert, but i've known istps with tons of friends who are really popular. one istp i know is probably adhd or at least add, was and probably still is a tweaker, talks a lot and has lots of friends. i know an estp who also was a tweaker, and might still be, and he gets very hyperactive and super talkative around his friends, but he describes himself as shy and has hardly any friends at all. every person is different. -- woodrow
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