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Question #1182270837Tuesday, 19-Jun-2007
Category: Socionics Intertype Relations
Are you using the Myers-Briggs Personality Profiles? Cause I find your match ups for relational duality to be fairly errant. When I'm reading about my theoretical "ideal partner" I find their profile completely unappealing. It may just be me but I think you're off the mark. Aaron -- Aaron
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A1 You have got to be as dumb as Homer Simpson if you believe that the 16 lousy type descriptions are enough to describe every person in this world, doesn't matter if they are Myers-Briggs or Bank of Scotland. -- Dr. Zoidberg
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A2 As I was just told myself, Myers-Briggs extraverted types are the same as Socionics extraverted types, but introverted Js can be Socionics introverted Ps. For example, MBTI ISFJ is Socionics ISFp (if I got it right). So if your dual partner is an introvert, try reading the opposite - not J, but P, and vice versa. You will probably not fall in love with the profile at first sight, but maybe you will like it more. -- Ezis
A3 Intertype relations theory DOES'NT work with MBTI types. Even extraverted MBTI and Socionics types are often different so that, for instance, ESFj (FeSi) may be similar but not necessarily with ESFJ (FeSi); ESFj may also be similar with ESFP (SeFi)or even with another type!!! For introverted "S" types it's more complicate: ISFj (Socionics FiSe) may often be more similar with ISFJ (MBTI SiFe)-functions sequences are inverted, not types!- than with ISFP (MBTI FiSe). In order to find an intertype relation you have to know Socionics type of both people or vice versa, in order to find one's type you have to know the intertype relation and the Socionics type of the other person. -- piccolo_michel
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