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Question #1181034203Tuesday, 5-Jun-2007
Category: ENFp Functions Socionics Advice
Hey everybody, I don't really know how to put this tactfully and elegantly, so I'm just going to plow ahead with a bunch of questions I have about Socionics and myself and hope for some answers. Here it goes: 1) I am consistently scoring as an ENFp on the tests, but when I read the descriptions of the ENFp ability to corral people together, unite groups, etc., I feel like I can't relate. I'm more liable to stand outside of the crowd, and I'm often resentful of others in this crazily superficial and emotionally/spiritually meaningless society of ours. I don't exactly know what the question is here. . .I need advice. I've thought this through for what seems like half a billion years and I just can't seem to come to any conclusions. 2) Is there a clear-cut way to "define" each function? There seem to be so many grey areas when it comes to both Socionics and MBTI, and I'm very interested in *understanding* Socionics so that I can understand how to relate/interact with people and what to say/what not to say. 3) I am very interested in the Wheel of Kaulinauskas (spelling?), I just have problems trying to identify the differences between a function pointing out problems and a function providing solutions. I have a firmly INTj friend whose Introverted Thinking seems to remind me of things I have sacrificed and neglected in my life, but I also have known several dominant Extraverted Thinking types who make me feel uncomfortable with their quick, razor-sharp decisiveness and oftentimes mercilessness. I know one of the Thinking functions would be my "tertiary" (Hidden Agenda) function, but I can't figure out which one! Thanks for taking the time to sift through my rambly questions. And for those of you who leave comments, thank you for enriching my understanding of the world! -- JacuzziMachineDestructoBomb
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A1 okay, there are two socionically hot factors which u described, from which i would tell u, that u really KNOW about socionics (as a intP i see no grey areas, only grey areas i imbue with the spirit/emotion of enterprise, as u are a enfP, i would not have thought that u would have such a problem, perhaps the trick is that your EnFp, that is Extraverted psyk structure mixed with your Feelings are poisoning your take on reality in general.. don't take that personally, as an intp i also have to protect myself from poisons which are more dangerous for my type) the 2 hot things are as follows, the thing u feel for the INTj relationship and the feelings u feel in relation to other Extratims, ..i am not an expert, but u might want to check between this site and the site for a self education of 4th or PoLR or hidden agenda functions, if u knowledge up on these, i assure u, that you will merely view your present state as a way by which u where curtailing your present state, and may find that u are happy to spend your energies in another conformation. also the 2nd hot thing, and i can only say this by learning experience, the thing of 'characteristics in common with other ENFP types like corralating and uniting people'..& u not seeing it for yourself, have to do with the following realities -most socion descriptions are for medium-distance psychological constraints, also...(as the previous statement is meaningless for your case,just said it for the bling and cause i want to patent my destruction) and sometimes 'action values for type'...only apply when the person is healthiest (intp are described in a certain conformation, but this is only most true for myself if i don't allow my weak functions or distractions and other ways from destracting me) but for u as an ENFP, it may be that the psychological jump u preceive u need to take to be healthy u don't feel to do...because u are poisoned in idea/personality longing thru lack of knowledge, and a general poisoning to life, by virtue that u are precisely negative over things u don't need to be oh, ..i don't know what that wheel is about, but in certain sites u can read, that things which practise your psychology are very healthy, cause u practise psychological mechanisms, but also it might be a 'foolish'(that means contradictory to psychological help) 8th function lavishing. -- sirac son of
A2 I'm confused. -- JacuzziMachineDestructoBomb
A3 i'm betting you're an ENTP. exploring mind + unusually cynical + desire to know how to manipulate people (sorry, but that's really what you want with #3, right?) + competitiveness with others (extroverted thinkers, at least) + habit of coming across dumber than you actually are + desire to invent something better/clearer/more useful than socionics = ENTp. I'm not suggesting this to be cruel or harsh - ENTps can be as wonderful/evil as any other type: values and humanity are not (thankfully) linked to type. Walt Disney was an ENTp. So is Osama Bin Laden. So there you go. There really is no question in your question. You're just playing. Ask a real question, maybe you'll get a real answer. -- Anonymous
A4 this is sirac son of - i will give this another shoot. check the celebrity chart for ENFp,... you will notice that British Actor from the Transporter movies. notice him? now this is beautiful. u say u cynical,...and because of this u wonder if the functions like E...N...F...P can be described in concrete ways. now i'd answer that the Brit actor is also cynical, it is a function of his N...F...P. that is to say, he iNtuitively gets a feel of the world from his Preceptive function, and in his daily functioning relates this to a Feeling or mood he projects over himself, he does'ent unite groups, but he is a good special-forces soldier. catch...?...the stories of u uniting groups is 'make-belief' socionics writers couple to your type (ENTP) ..ofcourse that can go any way. also if u think about it, the special-forces type soldier type fits well with a Hidden Agenda of Thinking... cause u are paranoid over correlating an accurate devise to see the world, ..which explains your self-bull****ting when it comes to being sad over yourself when in contact with the INTj freid etc. i hope that in trying to answer some of your questions, that i have given u the grasp of the rest...(and give u some 'self-preceived' self-control...although u have s-c) -- Anonymous
A5 So are you guys suggesting that I'm inherently allergic to Socionics, because I subconsciously don't want to fit a type pattern, but I'm also craving Socionics because I believe it would allow me to manipulate people (and achieve my Hidden Agenda of "being loved")? *Side note that seems somewhat relevant* I've been accused of "arguing for the sake of arguing" a *lot* in my childhood, and I've always felt irritated because what we've been arguing about seemed really important to me, but. . .*have* I just been arguing for the sake of arguing? Am I doomed to. . .fall in love with debating, so much so that I don't even realize how I fit in to the bigger picture? -- JacuzziMachineDestructoBomb
A6 this is probably going to irritate you, especially if you really are an ENTp, but it is what it is: if you go deep into your questions - and by that I mean you keep peeling away layers and admit that you probably know the answers to most of them, you just don't want to 'go there' - then you will figure out a lot more than anything i, *cough* sirac son of -, or anything else on this site (or any other site) could achieve for you. i don't know if your idea for being here is the same as mine. for me, the only reason for any personality theory is to create self awareness. the more aware you become of your motives and your conditioned behavious, the more integrated you become (or to put another way, the less of a tool you become and the more of a human you become). will this lead to better relationships? maybe, maybe not. more money? who knows. possibly. but that's really about applying the power you find from self-awareness, which i suppose you could use for manipulation if you wanted (then you'd just be medicore, but there's no earthly law against that). i will tell you this much, though, and it's sharing a "piece of me" which, as an INTp, is the most valuable thing i can give/the rarest thing i ever offer - it is easier to do with a total stranger if you do discover that you are an ENTp, and you accept this as being what it is and not necessarily what you want it to be/hoped it would be, then you will almost certainly discover that your hidden agenda is *right* in front of you. kind of like looking for your glasses while wearing them. this will probably freak you out, but in a nice way. for example, i'm an INTp and my hidden agenda 'to love' is embarassing to admit. i hide away in my quiet way, playing with knowledge or batting insights back and forth in my head like a 1-player game of ping pong, but in a stark and staggering way, the desire to love has run through my life like a soundtrack. and often, when i find myself in that position - where i allow myself to love/am overtaken by the surrender to love - i recoil, withdraw, and then the boring pattern replays itself, with new people and stuff, but it's the same movie. however, since i'm the only constant, nobody else knows it's the same pattern, so i get away with pretending that i'm not the architect of my misery. if you are an ENTp, chances are you have craved knowing and to this end you have put yourself in many positions to truly devote your characteristic ENTp energy into exploring a subject, and refusing to stop until you KNOW it - that means, not tolerating roadblocks, dogmas, or other barriers. but then, chances are, unless you are aware of this (and I'm assuming you aren't), when you've been at the jumping-off point into something amazing, you've taken a short-cut, or in some way underminded your ability to know. you may have even forgotten that seeking knowledge/knowing was the reason you started in the first place, and it was the 'ship that brought you from the other shore.' so maybe, like a lot of ENTps I know, you started focusing on popularity, or money, or power, but really the whole thing was about knowing. and then you put yourself in a position NOT to know - maybe you have a breakdown, maybe you ruin a company or maybe you obliterate people in your life that were sources of knowledge. And start again. same pattern, new people. the best advice i can give you is go deep into your motives - deep where you keep all of your bull****. and then shine some awareness on it. it will be verrrrrry ugly, because you will have to admit, tacitly if not outright, that it is YOUR bull**** and not fate, not bad luck, not your enemies, not your neglectful parents etc etc. this isn't about 'taking responsibility' or some tedious dr. phil type babble. it's just about going into the one source that has the answers your looking for - and that's you. otherwise, you'll just repeat the pattern - like you have been your whole life until right now. -- jason
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