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Question #1180913532Sunday, 3-Jun-2007
Category: Typing Celebrities
Does anyone have a good guess about Hillary Clinton's type? The usual buzz around the Internet, when you can find it, is that she is an INTj. I think a case can be made that she is an ENTp - ? Has anyone else thought about her type? -- econdude
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A40 Trump is ESTp, and an extreme one at that, there is no doubt about it. Typing him as such fits in really well with the "ESTp uncovered" article too. There is no way Hillary is an ISTp. And I don't think she is an INTj either, who I would have a hard time imagining debating for president. ESTj and ISTj both make a lot of sense, even though they would be very different in behavior. Now that I think about it, she does seem a lot like my last 2 ESTj bosses, even though she is a lot more polished. I also like Kensi's (A14) argument of relationship of benefit with Bill. Typing him as the ESFp party boy and her as ESTj would make sense then. However, I've read somewhere that despite their party nature, ESFps are not cheats and tend to be very committed in marriages. So another relationship of benefit - ENFp (Bill) and ENTj (Hillary) might make more sense. ENFp the party guy, especially when you hear him talk on talk shows. And in a biography about Hillary that I watched, Hillary approached and asked out Bill, which wouldn't be very introvert/doesn't initiate contact of her. So ESTj or ENTj or maybe even ISTj (with Bill then as ENFj perhaps) make the most sense. ESFj doesn't make sense to me. Paul Ryan is ESFj - Mr. Perfect. -- Tim
A41 Hillary isn't a feeler, or a P-type (in MBTI terms), but beyond that she is hard to type. She seems focused on outward goals and yet she has that seemingly She seems focused on outward goals and yet she has that seemingly Introverted tendency to get drained by public appearances and to invest a ton of energy into getting prepared for them. She would spend days in private before debates unseen by the public, and she': speak like she had every word memorized. I could buy ESTj more easily than ENTj. INTp but especially ISTp seem reasonable as well. I see Hill as more Delta than Gamma obviously. She is dutiful and not an innovator. -- An ENTJ
A42 Hello, my name is Salvador, i am ENTJ mexican, and i believe that Hilary is ESTJ. She is clearly J. He smile because she learn how smile to be more carismatic, and she is thinking in the past more that in the future. And she dont look introvertide. -- Hércules
A43 Hillary is probably delta. I was thinking INFj. ISTp is decent, but I'm of the mind to say no. My mom is INFj for reference. -- Anonymous
A44 I'm pretty sure she exhibits typical Beta characteristics, not Gamma. Highly principled, rigid, and upholds a specific ideology -> points to and ego and IJ temperament. ISTj. Also, just because she chose to "stick with" Bill after his infidelity does not mean they're Duals. The very notion is ridiculous. -- space_rat
A45 Hillary is ISTJ and Trump is ESTP. They are mirror relations. 100%. -- Anonymous
A46 She's Se dominant with Ti next. As to how that corresponds to the mixed up profiling data in socionics & mbti, I leave that to the reader. Both Estp & Istp descriptions (yes, beta & delta etc) fit somewhat. -- Anonymous
A47 Hillary is an Inspector (SiTe), related semidual to Bill, an Enthusiast (FeSi) -- Anonymous
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A48 Hillary is a total female istj and Bill is an esfj. She looks like an introvert -- Anonymous
A49 Hilary, as a typically austere enneagram 1w9, exhibits more traits laid out by the intj definitions. Not sure where people are seeing extroversion. -- Anonymous
A50 Hillary Clinton is definitely a Socionics ENTJ. -- Anonymous
A51 Clinton. ENFp. ENFP. Trump. INFj. INFP. How on earth is the entire internet so dumb with this stuff? -- Chris
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