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Question #1180913532Sunday, 3-Jun-2007
Category: Typing Celebrities
Does anyone have a good guess about Hillary Clinton's type? The usual buzz around the Internet, when you can find it, is that she is an INTj. I think a case can be made that she is an ENTp - ? Has anyone else thought about her type? -- econdude
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A1 From what I have read about Hillary, she has struggled her entire life with low self-esteem and social awkwardness, offset by her acedemic brilliance. This, combined with her marriage to Bill Clinton who, by most accounts, is an ESFj, leads me to believe that she is an INTj. -- Anonymous
A2 she's an evil genius just like bill!only not as personable. -- Anonymous
A3 I believe that it is pretty obvious that Hillary is an ISTP-this is because I believe that her husband Bill is an ENFP. Also I'm using Visual Identification from this site. I'm about 99% sure she's ISTP. -- Anonymous
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A4 Bill Clinton is not an ENFp, he is an ESFj. But Bill's type has no bearing on Hillary's, at least significantly so in my view. Let me make the question more basic - is Hillary introverted or extraverted? -- econdude
A5 I've read Bill's book: My Life, and it seems quite clear to me that Bill is at the very least an Idealist Type (NF). Also his propensity to constantly question everything and his feeling that he never has enough information to make a decision should make him a P type. From visual ID, Hillary seems to be an ISTP which would make them duals. Seems to fit. -- Anonymous
A6 l o g i c a l. s e n s o r y. i n t r a l a w l I'd be so turned on if she could do my taxes for free -- Jadae
A7 @A4 Good call, econdude. I agree that Clinton is an ESFj, despite seeing the "ENFp" suggestion published. I've thought about Hillary's type before, and watched her a bit. My conclusion was ENTj. -- good guesser
A8 I can't take credit for typing Bill, but I believe he is an ESFj. How about a second, more basic question: is Hillary a judger or a perceiver? -- econdude
A9 bill and hill are both enfps -- wooooooooooooooooodrow
A10 So close imo... add an N -- Jadae
A11 Late night epiphany here (thanks to another socionics site and more thought) - is Hillary an ENFp????? -- econdude
A12 Hillary is very much the Rational type. Cunning, impersonal, and commanding, she fits the model for an NTj perfectly. The key to figuring out the I/E involves whether her primary cognitive function is Extraverted Thinking or Introverted iNtuition. To me, the Thinking comes across as her most obvious and developed quality, so she is clearly an ENTj. The Fieldmarshal Rational, and the most predisposed of the Rationals to lead. -- Daniel
A13 She is an xNTJ -- DustBunny
A14 to me, without a doubt, hillary is an estj, while bill is an esfp. this is a relationship of benefit. One partner becomes more tired over the other over time. Bill, an esfp albeit conditioned by his upbringing, likes to party. to me this is an obvious question to answer. -- kensi
A15 Hillary ISTJ, Bill E*FJ -- Anonymous
A16 ENTJ -- Dustbunny
A17 Hillary Clinton, ESTJ, "Top Dog" cruel, demeaning, violent, Abusive Pattern, A14 You are correct. -- jgbr
A18 A15 is correct! Grest guess! Hilary is ISTj Ti subtype and Bill is ENFj Fe subtype ☺. They are Duals (who else but a dual would stick by a cheating spouse ) This is far far too obvious on their typings . -- Anonymous
A19 who else but a dual would stick by a cheating spouse? that is superficial to think for one, obviously plenty of people do, not just because it is a relationship you care about but because it's probably the right thing to do, (forgive anyways) if they keep doing it, that's another thing.. but anyways second point, a person concerned with their status would stick by a cheating spouse. imagine being hilary clinton. she grew up in a home where there was no difference between a male or female, and just because you are female that doesn't mean you should let others take it easy on you, fight hard and let them know - you're just as tough as they are. she wanted to be in NASA and she asked them what it takes for her to become an astronaut, they tell her "be a man". she grew out of that obviously, went to college and met bill, and he was very different from her and what she was used to. watching her you can definitely see IJ, and bill is EJ. i would say ESE for bill and maybe LSI for hillary, but semi duals even doesn't seem right. tempted to say ESI for her and EIE making them illusionary.

she doesn't seem very proud to be her husband's wife... -- Anonymous
A20 A19 Does Hillary Clinton look like an introvert to you?

-- jgbr
A21 well as has been pointed out to you on numerous occasions jgbr, this is a socionics site, not a MBTI one. in socionics it is not really about whether someone is outgoing vs shy (according to rick's site, if this were so then 75% of people in the US are extrovert and 25% are introvert) it's about whether they initiate contact (E) or let others take the initiation (I), aside from that it's a bit unfair to watch someone during debates to try and consider their type, even MBTI, because everyone looks extrovert. -- Anonymous
A22 INTj. She talks with her hands and as if she's reading from an internal script - her gaze seems to move inward a lot. She's more of a lecturer than a debater. -- I/O
A23 a21, thank you. Maybe he will get the picture. -- Anonymous
A24 A19 and A20, do shut up please. You both take yourselves so seriously that i can vomit! Hilary is Lii/ISTj. Remember that you are no longer on mbti. -- gigi
A25 I think Hillary Clinton is an INTj. Why? Well, apparently she's socially awkward. Which is a pretty large and overpowering trait of the INTj which can be noticed quickly by others. I also agree with A22 in the fact that she uses her hands while speaking. -- Anonymous
A26 A24. What's up Gigi? Hillary Clinton is ESTJ (1.Te 2.Si). Assertive, commanding, competitive, courageous, goal-oriented, pragmatic, Aggressive, Dogmatic, Hostile, Eruptive, Pernicious Representations etc. -- jgbr
A27 Ha! Not likely : ). Hilary behaves more accurately as an ISTj. Do remember that introverts do not initiate contact first. Do some research on her first. You will clearly see she is not an E. Plus it's quite simple to see she does not have Ej temperament but instead has Ij temperament. Plus you incorrectly stated ESTj characteristics. Why don't you instead state why her manner to you seems Ej instead of Ij? You would at least have an intellectual debate regarding your typing of her instead of some half-baked description. -- gigi
A28 In the next video you can observe extroverted thinking (Te) in action. Hillary Clinton, ESTJ (TeSi) tries to save face and threatens the enemy. ESTJs have extraordinary control over their emotions. If they are angry they loose their control and lash out violently. For ESTJs the end justifies the means. ESTJs hurt, humiliate, punish, bully, threaten and intimidate in order to control the surroundings.

-- jgbr
A29 A27. I am not really the person you would start an intellectual debate. -- jgbr
A30 she is soo clearly introverted and thinking. she seems so painfully akward around people. bill seems to be a textbook ENFP, she is probably an ISTP -- mb
A31 Hillary Clinton is almost certainly an LSI, or ISTj. are very clear in her demeanor, speech, and values. She is the epitome of "cold," realistic rationalism. -- Anonymous
A32 I am 100% sure Bill Clinton is an ENFP and I think he has said he was one. I think Hilary is INTJ, definitely not an S. What makes you guys think they are in a Dual relationship ? Not all lasting relationships are Dual ... Although Barack and Michelle Obama are definitely are dual pair (ENFJ-ISTJ). -- Anonymous Enfp
A33 Hilary and Bill are ENTjs. Check out their education. They also look and behave like ones. Monica is ISFj. -- :-)
A34 I am an INTJ and I see that Hillary Clinton may be ENTJ. She seems like someone who is more Intuitive and does things from the heart; and lesser Sensory or practical/from experience. Donald Trump, to me, seems to be, a very healthy ESTJ. -- Soma Eater
A35 A34, I'd actually say Trump is ESTp, not ESTj. He seems Beta as hell. As for Hillary, I think she's some sort of ExTj. Keep in mind that "social awkwardness" does not necessarily mean Ti, and Te users can be just as socially awkward due to their obliviousness to the emotional energies of their surroundings. -- Anonymous
A36 Hilary is ENTj, cmon, she's pure Gamma type and has Gamma assistants. Mistaking her for ISTp is just plain weird. ISTp women look entirely different and never quasi-identical! Trump is ESTp, there's no way for him to be ESTj, there's just too big difference in behavior and looks. It's nearly impossible to mistake it. -- ;-)
A37 Hillary is, evidently, an Inspector, ISTJ . Bill is in a semi-duality relation with her. -- Anonymous
A38 She's one of many ISTjs I believe. I'm pretty forgetful of the past but I think I'm okayish at analyzing or understanding emotions and personalities.. She seems like she doesn't enjoy talking as much as extrovert feeling types and pleasant memories help understand emotions because we can forget about pleasant memories and it's fun to think about those memories. But yeah the more knowledge and questions that are said, the more relaxation and motivation there is I think.. -- Anonymous
A39 ESTj. Extroversion is very mildly expressed as well, to the point where she could possibly be an ISTp. I suppose only she knows. It comes down to Si vs Ni. I don't see the Ni. She is dutiful and not an innovator. During the campaign, Hillary was the epitome of a creme-de-la-status-quo and "my resume has lots of experience on it" type of candidate. I can't recall her touting a single policy initiative in a way that stood out to me. I got no sense of future or direction, just a case for her being the most qualified person to take the helm. -- An ENTJ
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