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Question #1180345252Monday, 28-May-2007
Category: ENFp Theory
I was quite entertained by the ISTp Uncovered information considering I am one and agree with some of it, but what would an ENFp uncovered be like? -- skizz
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A1 From the ones I know, ENFp uncovered would be like... imagine a massive, happy ball of light gleaming in the cosmos, going from person to person to person in a chaotic pattern of massive speed. That is how they feel to me. Overall pros: good friends and listerners. Good conversation. Overall cons: tend to go from person to person which can annoy the hell out of people. They can say one thing and become distracted into a totally new possibility at complete whim. Negative versions can be overly moralistic. Sometimes it's easier to think of everything they are not- ISTj. What gets me as an ENFj ( I have several ENFp friends) is that we can agree upon a time, and the arrangement is broken or I'm never notified of whatever change just happened, and I ruin half a day for the ENFp's lack of logic and time. On the other hand, an ISTj will be there looking at their watch telling you, "Youre a minute late, ya know!" rofl, silly types -- Jadae
A2 Well, I'm an ENFp and our uncovered is available on the profiles for anyone to read. Yeah, we're a bit dotty and mostly cheerful but another thing which you might find interesting (which is brought up in the uncovered article) is the fact we think too much and therefore have a near psychic ability to read people and be extremely empathetic. The only hindrance being this does not stop us being scatty and easily distracted so we do tend to always let someone down by accident and then honestly feel awful about it. On a bad note we love to feel loved and can be perceived as cheat because in the case of feeling let down by a loved one, we will quickly dot to another person to cheer us up - this can lead to potential cheating situations quite easily, perhaps not in the case of going out and finding someone new but being strangely compelled to contact an ex or old flame. If they suddenly replace this attention and love we're not getting from a partner, all hell breaks loose and our emotions spin out of control (perhaps I say this as a young, inexperienced ENFp who has not yet learnt to control her urges but I guess I'll find that out later!). On a good note, when loved and centred and happy, we're extremely loyal and generous. Diplomatic, sincere and always willing to help and in some cases, when focused be ridiculously patient. I absolutely adore ISTps because of their tendency towards being grumpy. I love to play around bringing them out of their shell and pushing it as far as I can to see them smile and laugh. -- True2form
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