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Question #1179810116Tuesday, 22-May-2007
Category: ESTp ESFp Typing
I would like to know what makes an ESFP different from an ESTP. Anyone's thoughts? -- FK
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A1 In my experience the ESFp can be identified from the ESTp by their enormous dislike of conflict. The ESTp is happy to deal with situatins in which there may be disagreement, but the ESFp will either avoid them if they can or will change their views to comply. -- karen
A2 us esfps are cooler! XD [[its true and you know it!]] -- Anonymous
A3 ESTps can be very aggressive if necessary (hence the title, "Legionaire"). ESFps are more diplomatic. But the one can learn the tactics of the other to an extent. -- Anonymous
A4 For the ESFp, as an auxillary process tends to be exhibited as 1) a distaste for discussing one's own feelings and 2) a general unwillingness to engage in heated debate. When opinions flare, the ESFp would rather change the subject by commenting on something in the immediate environment (engaging the dominant ). For the ESTp, as an auxillary function tends to be exhibited as a ready willingness to engage in heated but logical debate, regardless of what the indivudual may be feeling. Most ESTp types are generally so unaware of their own feelings regarding a matter, that any topic is fair game for debate, just so long as the ESTp comes out on top! -- Anonymous
A5 Willingness to act against others. -- MLH
A6 A1 - I have never observed an ESFp who avoids conflict in the way you described. Then again, I'm an INTj. But the E-p preference does not result in a person being a shrinking violet when they're not receiving something they really want. -- econdude
A7 Both the types are strong in a conquering way. With ESTps, this is unambiguous, while ESFps are strong and at the same time afraid of their strength. You can VI this: an ESTp would lean forward in an attacking manner, arguing or running or something, for certain period of time. While an ESFp would lean forward in the same way, and in much less time they would lean back and laugh or say something supportive. This depends on the subtype, though: Se subtypes behave aggressively for longer periods of time, Fi and Ti subtypes speak more and attack less. With ESFps, the struggle between Se and Fi can be quite painful. Sometimes even resulting in contradictory behaviour, like in Napoleon, who loved his soldiers and knew a lot of them by name, yet led them to death for the sake of his own stupid Se. Another VI method works with those ESps who are not slim: basically, ESTps look as if being composed of bones and muscles; ESFps look softer. ESFps also smile much more often. Both types are good troubleshooters, but ESTps are good at solving critical situations where they can quickly evaluate what the situation needs, which makes them good firemen, football players etc., while ESFps are better at quickly evaluating what people need. Which can make them something like Julia Roberts's character in "Runaway Bride" who knew what her boyfriends needed better than what she needed herself. Or it can make them singers or teachers who are popular because they recognize when their audience needs a rest, when it needs living up etc. As to language, ESTps with all their aggressivity and concern for effectivity like to use Fe language: using words like "darling", "my family". If they adopt this way of speaking and develop their Fe, they can be mistaken for SFs. ESFps with all their sensitivity and illegibility like to look rational and express themselves clearly and impersonally, being sometimes mistaken for NTs. ESTps put stress on sensible and effective activities, ESFps on aesthetics and fun. ESTps belong to Beta quadra, therefore tend to be interested in the nature of peoples' relationships, sense of life and such NiFe issues, and they sometimes even become what Keirsey would call "Idealists" later in life. has good links on this topic in the section Famous Peoples' Types. ESFps belong to Gamma quadra, which makes them interested in NiTe values. That would make them something like Keirsey's "Rationals" later in life, being interested in precision, understanding the ways the world works and such. But all in all, I think both types are similar in being good team players and possessing a desire to be a part of a good team that fights for the values they take as their own. This, IMO, is the better side of Se, whose worse side is conquering anything and anyone. But mind you, ESps never conquer to be rich or powerful - having more doesn't ring a chord with them, because possession and power makes you less free and therefore less able to conquer. They always conquer for the sake of conquering. - Well, that would be about all. (- Sorry, this is an ESFp view, so I might've not paid ESTps the attention they deserve.) -- ESFp
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