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Question #1179810082Tuesday, 22-May-2007
Category: ENTp ESTp Typing
What are some key differences between ENTPs and ESTPs? For me, it's very difficult for me to tell them apart because of the fact that they can be very random. -- Fefe
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A1 ENTPs are clumsier and more spaced out than ESTPs. They tend to think more than act, and are especially horrible with following through tasks. :-p -- Anonymous
A2 I think ESTps are completely THERE when they're around. No mistake, they're in the moment and right next to you, whether you like it or not. ENTps are also not shy about confrontation or being around people but there is more of a timeless quality about them, they are, as the N preference implies, here, and somewhere else (past or future). ESTps can milk a system for all it's worth; but an ENTp can engineer it or adapt it. At least, those would be better assignments for each type. -- econdude
A3 ENTp have their heads in the clouds unable to see what's around them while ESTp have their heads up their butts unable to see the big picture. No matter which way one looks at it, they're both blind to what's really happening in the world:-] -- I/O
A4 Make a really far-fetched pun and see who gets it first =p -- Jadae
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A5 that may be true, but all intuitives are usually in their minds somewhere thinking about things. they can engage in trances, especially if they are strong intuitives. INTP, however, is also a secondary function creative, but he leads with thinking, objectivity, but you won't see this outright because he's sweet. -- INTP
A6 As far as ENFJs go, they are secondary function intuitive thinking, so they are creative but not to the degree of ENTP INFJ INTJ and ENFP -- V the enfp
A7 ENTP is very similiar to ESTP, but you can tell them apart very easily. But people will LIE about their personality type. ENTP is a strategist. An intuitive, so they will use their strategic critical thinking skills to manuever, usually for whatever it is materially they want since they love comfort. ESTP is the guy you want to pull your business out of the ruin. And Dr. Phil is an ENFJ, but remember under stress each personality type will turn into their opposite. -- Vanice the ENFP
A8 Dr. Phil is a lead feeler, although it may not be visable in an ENFJ because they are the toughest of the NFs. ENFJ may appear like ENTJ, although he isn't. ENFJs are secondary function creatives. -- Vanice the ENFP
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A9 What in Jung's name are you freaking talking about? You just had a conversation with yourself unrelated to the topic from what looks like MBTI parroting in a non-sense way =/ -- Jadae
A10 Dr. Phil is probably an ISTj (answer to A8). A3 - that was a very funny reply and you are right, people should work at jobs that do not make demands of their weaknesses but ESTp or ENTp types can be good observers, which is why they sometimes excel in the situations I described in A2. -- econdude
A11 That explains why I HATE that fat SOB Dr. Phil, ISTJs suck. -- DustBunny
A12 The ESTp is much more steely, resolute and mobilized than the ENTp, who in comparison might seem crafty or shifty. Both types can have a rebellious, defiant flair to them: the ESTp challenges authority while the ENTp subverts it. So with the ESTp you'll see a lot more rowdy, raucous, "confrontational" behavior and with the ENTp you'll more likely notice pointed - even self-deprecating - displays of idiosyncrasy and unconventionality. -- y
A13 A1 is right, I am known for my clumsiness. Often, I would wake up with bruises I don't remember getting.(no, I'm not drunk) -- DustBunny
A14 estps are a little more intense love them or hate them people.entps a little softer around the edges. but look for the clumsyness. its our telltale sign. -- Anonymous
A15 For younger people, it might help to observe how they do in school. ENTp's aren't necessarily smarter, but they are much more at home with theory and exercising their knowledge. Both of these types like to draw attention to themselves, and ENTp's can often accomplish this by being clever and quirky. Not only might they get good grades, but they will do so with style. Unusual essay responses, memorable presentations, spirited arguments. ESTp's are more likely to find school mundane and uninteresting. They tend to get their attention fix from other activities, such as sports, theater, or clubs. I've known several ESTp's who have either done poorly in high school or just dropped out, yet they became huge successes based on their charisma and interpersonal skills. -- Random INTj
A16 response to A15: I don't think estp's have charisma or great interpersonal skills.. I would say that because I've never seen one with either one of those qualities and as well, they can tend to **** people off which can tend to make their interpersonal skills not so good. They also seem to be fairly "status-quo" in most areas so I dont see them as overly charismatic. -- tricia
A17 I see ENTps are more passive compared to ESTps. They are like a hippie version of ESTps. -- estpfemale
A18 I see ENTps are more passive compared to ESTps. They are like a hippie version of ESTps. -- estpfemale
A19 The best way to tell them apart is to make a really random remark and watch how they react. An ESTp is more likely to look at you weirdly, or make a realistic, sarcastic remark or maybe just make a practical remark. On the other hand, an ENTp is more likely to laugh and make another random remark or just go along with any weird comments you might make. Of course, that isn't exactly a sure-fire way to tell them apart, but it's definitely a way. Also, it's not necessarily true that an ENTp will do better in school than an ESTp. It depends on how interested each type are interested in whatever subjects they might be learning. Academics comparison is rather objective and not actually a concrete way to tell them apart. -- Anonymous
A20 Both can be charming assholes and exhibit a flamboyant carelessness. The main difference will show in their motivation and their fields of interest: An ENTp will have a broader range of interests, especially in geekier subjects like ESP, UFOs, and will be able to lecture about them tirelessly. (Since they may well be conscious of that and don't want to come off like professors, you might have to draw that out of them by either proving your own qualification in the subject or challenging their intelligence). ESTps on the other hand will be more interested in 'useful' knowledge that can be applied practically and become bored by exhaustive theoretical chit chat. They will seem less 'geeky' and more 'shallow'. They will also be a lot more confident physically and are more likely to be of athletic build. Even when they are overweight, they will have more stamina than their skinny, weakly smart-ass ENTp cousins. Even business-driven ENTps will be motivated mostly by a curiosity for life and its phenomena. An ESTp has more hedonistic motives, will be more obsessed with money and power. ENTps will only care about money for the fun toys and tasty food you can buy with it and will have a more condescending attitude towards it. As a rule of thumb I say the ENTp is a professor and the ESTp is a warrior type, no matter what their disguise might be. -- ENTP
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