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Question #1179514017Friday, 18-May-2007
Category: INTp INFp Dating Advice
I am an INFP interested in an INTP. Is there anyway that we could make a relationship work? -- INFP
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A1 Well according itertype relations, it's a comparitive relation, that has some problems. But I don't see why it couldn't work in reality. The largest difficulty is how to get the relationship started. -- INTp
A2 get the relationship started first before you worry about other things. both INTps and INFps can be very passive. well, you're INFp, right? tell the INTp you're interested in him (or her?) but do that tactfully. the best is to tell him/her through email and let him/her think about it. this saves embarrassment and gives the INTp time to think. good luck! -- Anonymous
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"get the relationship started first before you worry about other things" - the true words of wisdom
A3 It all depends if you have a social relationship or if you want to work together on a project. On a social level INTP/INFP relationships are fine, you are likely to have some things to talk about, but you are most likely to run into confilict if you decide to work on a project together. Keep in mind that NT's have foresight, meaning they think ahead and make plans acordingly, while NF's have hindsight, meaning they think back on a situation and realize what they should have done. (I have two INFP friends). I don't see how it would be dificult to get the relationship started, especially if you have friends in common. The INFP's I know don't mind talking but might get frustrated with an often silent INTP, and will also internalize anthing the INTP is going through, however will apreciate if the INTP helps them organize their lives, and will set them straight on issues (on things they suspect they might be wrong about, but are not sure, but now on things they have a strong conviction about). INTP may get frustrated with the INFP weaknesses, (lack of orginization, being to pushy on certain issues and how they tend to make things up and present it as fact). INTP will greatly apreciate the INFP's forgiving nature. So yes this kind of relationship can work, but be careful not to back an INTP into a corner, they will just shut you out, or get mad. If the an INTP is genuinly interested they will have been thinking about it at great lengths, and will be very responsive to your interest, however if they are not interested, do not push it any further. -- INTP-D
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A4 Consider yourselves lucky that you've even managed to start your relationship. Two introverts who are attracted to each other will usually just stare at each other for hours... -- simoncpu, an INTP who loves making exaggerated statements
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