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Question #1178950892Saturday, 12-May-2007
Category: INTj INTp j/p Theory
How is it possible that an MBTI INTJ also be a socionics INTj (or for that matter, any introvert have the same MBTI and socionics type)? The thing that gets me is that an INTJ's dominant function is Ni, while an INTj's is Ti. Wouldn't that make it impossible to be both? -- Anonymous
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A1 MBTI and socionics are different and they are not compatible with each other. i think you will have to pick one that you think works. if you think socionics is better, then from the type descriptions and the function analyses, figure out your first two functions. -- Anonymous
A2 If you talk pure theory, then yeah the function order is different and so it seems impossible, but in practice lots of people who are Ti Ne score INTJ on MBTI, and those who are Ni Te as INTP, so go figure... -- Anonymous
A3 mbti functions are flawed. -- Anonymous
A4 I definitely favor socionics over the MBTI...but as an INTj I believe that my lead function is intuition and thinking is the auxiliary function. I was also friends when I was growing up with an INTp (I told him to shut up about 100 times in one week at summer camp because he irritated me so much) and a reasonable case can be made that his lead function is thinking. So I personally would say that the first two functions at least depend on the individual and not rigid theory...I believe this site has something more official in an article or somewhere else about the topic. -- econdude
A5 @A4. I believe you and I think your lead function is indeed intuition and your thinking is auxiliary. I've always suspected you were not socionics INTj, but now I'm pretty sure -- Dr. Zoidberg
A6 A4, Im new to this. but if youre Ni Te, that means your socionics INTp?! no? and mbti INTJ. I am also INTJ on mbti but I scored INTp here. and I found both ahve the same CPs, Ni Te and so on.. why in the world do they label me a 'p' when I am consciously organised as it said, and unconsciously a 'p'?? I will have to study socionics more. Where can I learn more about this? -- timatron
A7 Your comment does not make sense. Or I am not interpretting it. Are you implying that some INTJs (with a capital J) are, older more earned super Alpha INTJs and INTj would be younger more inexperienced ones, or are you implying that INTJ (Capital J is one stronger on the J and INTj is less strong on the J factor??? What do you mean here. I don't understand this paragraph. -- ENTP-ENFP-ISTJ
A8 I think it's a matter of mistaken identity. Introverts frequently lead with their extroverted function when dealing with the external world. Testing is subject to misinterpretation, especially when there is deep-rooted confusion between primary function and “leading” function. -- I/O
A9 How you score on a test does not determine your personality type. The MBTI may be a flawed instrument. My MBTI type is INTP, but I had to figure that out on my own, because when I first took the test, I scored as an INTJ. I am a Socionics INTj, which is exactly the same type as the MBTI INTP. No one can be both a Socionics INTj and an MBTI INTJ, because that is just the same as being an MBTI INTP and an MBTI INTJ, which is also the same as being both a Socionics INTj and a Socionics INTp. But as my example shows, it is possible to score on the MBTI as an INTJ and be a Socionics INTj. That is possible, because tests are fallible. -- Fergus Duniho
A10 Having taken numerous MBTI and socionics tests, the result I receive is ever and always INTP/ILI, and my behavior and thought processes are accurately reflected in descriptions of both. Therefore I don't see much unusual about this despite the supposed impossibility. -- Anonymous
A11 To answer the original poster's question, it would be because the tests "measure" J/j in the same way. Type is an abstract construct and the "same" (INTJ vs. INTj)(between MBTI and Socionics) isn't really the same. INTj corresponds with INTP and vice versa. -- Captain Awesome
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A12 Nope, not impossible at all because I test as INTJ and INTj. People claim they're incompatible but both descriptions of INTJ on MBTI and Socionics fit me. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
A13 Nope, not impossible. MBTI uses the J/P scale to determine which are your internal & external functions. All P types are extroverted S or N & introverted T or F; all J's: extroverted T or F & introverted S or N. The E/I scale (the so-called 'least important' scale to determining personality) determines the order of the functions listed. INTJ, for instance, would be 'introverted intuition with extroverted thinking'. According to a lot of reading I've done on this site, Socionics doesn't appear to use their j/p as a comparative scale. What seems to determine j or p in this test (at least for introverted types), from what I've seen, is how strong a preference is for S or N compared to how strong it is for T or F. For introverts, if it's stronger in the S/N scale, then your result will be 'p'; a stronger preference of T or F will make you a 'j' on this test. Like the MBTI, this test uses the E/I scale to determine the order of function. Any introverted j will be [T or F]i [S or N]e; any introverted p: [S or N]i [T or F]e. So in conclusion, it most certainly IS possible to get INTJ & INTj b/c the testing methods are completely different when determining some of the four letters. The j in INTj on this test simply would mean that this test found that your preference for Thinking over Feeling is stronger/more dominant than that of your preference of iNtuition over Sensing. (I tested to be same order of dominant functions as opposed to same letter comibination). -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
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