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Question #1178721170Wednesday, 9-May-2007
Category: INTp
What you put for "INTp uncovered"? Do you think this describes INTps? INTps view most relationships as partnerships. They bond with others on a superficial level easily but when they don't need those people anymore, they cut ties immediately. This is not to be taken as a sign of being myopic, it's just that INTps know most people they meet in life are very easily replaceable so they won't even bother staying touch with them. -- disillusioned.
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A1 Last I looked, there was no "INTp uncovered" on this site ... yet. -- Anonymous
A2 Disillusioned be not by incorrect grammar! It was meant to say What would you put... -- Anonymous
A3 (Re-reading it all a few times) ... Ahh. How very curious. OK. Do INTps fit what you described in a way beyond what's normative? No, not in my experience. -- Anonymous
A4 right. i missed out "would". oops. sorry about that. i'm not a native speaker, so excuse my poor english!!!! -- disillusioned.
A5 A4, that's OK. Don't feel bad! -- Anonymous
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A6 I don't know what other INTps are like in this regard, but when I care about a person (either romantically or platonically), breaking relations with them for whatever reason is one of the most painful things I can endure. Loyalty is a key aspect here, if a friend is genuine then so is my loyalty. Again, I don't know what other INTps are like, but that's my view. -- BLauritson (a self-proclaimed INTp)
A7 what i put is based entirely on my own experience. i do that to most people. i know this sounds cold but sometimes i wonder if i actually see them as tools only. well, doesn't mean i'm not a sincere person. i can be quite selfless in a group project and be geniunely nice to my teammates. it's just that after the projects, i really see no reason to keep ties. i think the very purpose of my bonding with them in the first place is really for the project or whatever in hand. of course, for the few that i do care, i care about them deeply. anyway, can some intps add more to the list? and i'm just using a group setting as an example. what i said applies to pretty much every aspect in life. at work, i make an alliance and it's really jsut for the sake of surival. -- disillusioned.
A8 I'm similar with Disillusioned. I don't even want to associate with people who are no use to me, then again completely useless people are usually also nothing but trouble. I even consciously see people as tools only. But on the other hand, I don't know how to start or improve any kind of relationship. So I either restrict forming of a stronger relation, or respond to the other peoples actions, one situation at the time. I might seem more difficult to be friends with, than what I could be, but peoples suggestions are too often boring or annoying. So I rather be at home by myself, I don't want to do something annoying just to socialize. I don't "cut" relations with people, like say to them:"it's over" or something like that. But relations tend to wither away, if the other person doesn't actively keep in contact. I think I was different when I was child, but I don't remember how I thinked back then. So in a different situation, I might be different. I also help other people too, so it's not all take. I have zero emotional involvement with my friends, only about that I'm 100% certain, that it will always be so. Romantic relationship would be totally different matter. -- INTp
A9 Agree with BLauritson. I'm very loyal in my friendships, and if I need to break off a relationship for some reason, whether platonic or romantic, it hurts like crazy. I'm not always great at staying in touch with my friends if I don't get to see them regularly, but I always still think of them as my friends and am likely to get in touch with them again at some point. -- Catie
A10 @ catie, i believe other posters are saying how they don't give a damn about people they don't care. i am just like you when it comes to people that matter. -- disillusioned
A11 can all these behaviours,...this one for INTPs be explained by the 5th function....if one looks at the X diagram, one notes that for INTPs the crutch (or 3rd) function is INTERNAL FEELING/ETHICS....with a striving toward External Sensing, mean that the Primary functions of Internal Intuition and External Logic be used in a model way like this: as INTPs strive for External Sensing, they 'can make many superficial freinds' but as the Crutch function is Internal Feeling, then, for the systems INTPs model [toward 'perfect' external sensing], they are clearly 'over sensitive' this being a good thing, as they sense very easily when they are placed in a subjective relationship, do remember INTPs are introverts and don't easily express there own views where others are too happy to express there own,...therefore, to maintain a stability on this 3rd Crutch function....they 'cut people of very easily' __it's not INTPs planning and saying 'these can be replaced' they replace out of psychological necassity and can themselves be disillusioned if they have to replace to often. Howver for a normal healthy individual INTP, replacement programs are necassary, as they eventually build into steady places where those they support and are supported by (freinds) are not a threat to there Crutch function, and fit into the zone, where these new individuals can be seen in an External Centric - danger and provision mode. sirac son of -- Anonymous
A12 Hmm. I'm an ENTp but this certainly holds true for me as well. -- Anonymous
A13 I am INTP and I make very long lasting and close friendships. But I make very few of them. I know four other INTPs with the same characteristics. I amiable and friendly with everyone, not to use them as tools, but as a matter of form and expected social behaviour. However, unless the relationship deepens to more than mere acquaintance, I do not consider them as friends, rather loose associates. Loyalty and sincerity are key to friendships. And friendships, once made, last forever. I have friends that I've lost touch with for 10 years and still consider them friends. And some that I've made contact with again after 10 years, it was as if we've never lost touch at all. Disillusioned, I think what you sense as superficial is the INTP reserve. They don't make friends easily, since they are very private people. If INTP bonds with you, you will probably be introduced to their inner circle: their wife, parents, children, hobbies, etc. -- Cathy
A14 I'm INTP- I don't really care to interact with people I don't already share a bond with, and it takes TIME for the bond to develop. Those few close relatioships are EXTREMELY important to me. I put forth a lot of effort to keep in touch with my childhood friends (3) and if it weren't for me the bonds would have dissolved long ago. People that I care about I care VERY DEEPLY about and would do anything for those few people. -- observer84
A15 I think I mostly agree with A13 - once I *think* of a person as a friend, he/she is always my friend, though I will sometimes call "friend" a person whom I view as an acquaintance. However, I flip-flop on whether I actually like/love anyone, and I think losing even one of my closest friends or relatives would be less painful for me than for other types. I tend to be very nice and agreeable (in superficial relationships), but I think it may be because if people like you, it's easier to get what you want from them. I've found that few people want to put in the time and effort it would take to join my "inner circle" - and that's fine with me, since I don't have a strong desire for close relationships. -- JilltheINTP
A16 Interesting perspectives. I have to agree with A6 & A13. It seems INTps use the characters of this trait as an excuse to be a 'extreme disconnect' when it comes social connections and I really don't think that what INTps are all about. INTps are more reserved and private. They (myself included) do not generally hold emotion on the highest podium, it takes INTps longer to relate on that level simply because our focus is else where. Do we treat people as tools - Yes but so does everyone else, we just added an unattractive title to family/friends/associates etc perhaps as an easy way to stay disconnected. These 'tools' are used by everyone for social needs, platonic needs etc. As A6 and A13 mentioned if the person matters then the effort will be made, and I have to agree, maybe the ones who find 'cutting off ties' so 'normal' haven't meet or allowed themselves to meet the alternative. It's all subjective. -- Anonymous
A17 certainly it is funny to look at this page. i am sure all INTPs which read here, would find the language 'phrasing' similar to what they use (cause most posters here are INTP). and even A16, how common is it for an INTP to build a reference system of nearest reference perspective sources. The ENTP who posted at A12 is certainly right, the same dynamic is possible, as ENTPs have for the X-diagram, the same crutch and aiming functions, although, in either case the axis of INTRO and Extro is swapped. for ENTPs it is Extraverted Ethics , with a aim toward Internal Sensing . I only observe this, the cheif distinguishing factor that i can make through in style of life and thought between INTP and ENTP is that: Gamma[INTPs] are slightly antagonistic to Betas, and feed Deltas in a slightly bored...'wonder whats wrong with society way'. Whereas the Alpha[ENTPs], would follow the same pattern, except with Deltas too, and Betas from. (alpha-beta-gamma-delta-alpha..etc.) This actually contributes in cheif to the differentiation of emotional content and distractedness that we note. Copywrite of the concept me..the INTP sirac son of dirac, in the purely INTP way...haha. who knows, in a few generations, the emotional content and distractedness of INTPs would be different, except feed by the same motor (ENTPs can love deltas, though be slightly bored with there use, and see boldness as a way to extend influence into Beta, However INTPs, can't be slightly bored with Beta, active emotions of asserting a stop on dominant flow through, with a slight love for Deltas, i mean, deltas they give to, except depending on the emotional time a GAMMA intp has been in this world they may feel that the Delta way is what is causing sufferance, for Gammas can take so little in this life.. we reason) -- @sirac
A18 How is it that there are so many N-types on this site?...most of them "INTxs" rambling on endlessly about trivial details in their personal lives. It's assumed that frequent internet users are primarily N-types. This is clearly false. The internet is no more a theoretical body at the simple user interface level than the stock market. Anyone who sees potential benefit in it (even momentarily) will use it. It's a big enough cultural phenomenon in our age that "everyone uses it." To make this more obvious, an example of an N-type meme is the automobile. Everyone uses them, yet the people who design/ed automobiles are/were predominantly Ns to be sure. -- Anonymous
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