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Question #1177102475Friday, 20-Apr-2007
Category: ISFp Typing
What are the telltale signs that someone is an ISFp? -- gloworm
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A1 I am usually quite drawn to ISFps in a magical sort of way. They strike me as being very "watery" and their tranquility and inner sense of dignity attracts me. My instinct is to place them on a pedestal and want to help them expand their horizons, and give them tokens which evoke personalization and beauty. Even though they strike me as being a big light, capricious and flippant, I still admire their ability to be (what I perceive as) so freely self-oriented, yet strongly loyal. But some ISFps have felt my emotions to be too intense, over-the-top, and inappropriate, which strikes me as their inability to fathom the depths of what I experience and oversimplify life experiences. ISFps don't seem to eager to think of other people and go out of their way for them, unless they are in their immediate internal categories of having a special relationship with them. They also hide from conflict. "Peacemaker" is a misnomer. They don't "make" it - they need it. They appear to run away when facing an interpersonal problem, or someone else's problem, rather than TRY to get involved and help in any truly deep way. Their Ne looks cute - for example, if they get surprised/amused - the look on their faces is so endearing. ISFps also strike me as being very immobile and content with things just as they are. This has been a point of frustration and boredom for me with many of them. They can be so stubborn that I even mistook one ISFp once for an ESTj. Elijah Wood might be an ISFp. -- INFj
A2 Besides VI and intertype relations, you will probably receive signals from an ISFp that they operate on their own timetable and need to do their own thing. I've encountered ISFps in the business world, and definitely elsewhere. Actually female ISFps can be quite charming despite the fact that I'm a 'judger' but someone outside of the alpha quadra might find that behavior maddening (an ESTj managing an ISFp could lead to significant conflict, for example). -- econdude
A3 How can I recognize a male ISFp who I do not know well? -- Anonymous
A4 wow.. the INFJ's answer was catching. I am an INFJ as well, and the description of ISFPs sounds just the way I would describe those peacemakers I especially agree that "so freely self-oriented, yet strongly loyal" describe ISFPs! amazing -- INFJness stricken
A5 Awwww I love my INFJS!! I'm an ISFP! I have A4's response also. The INFJ's response WAS catching! But maybe that's just because it was about my personality type...HAHA! HEY LISTEN! In response to that catching answer: It's kind of funny that you should say that ISFPs have a hard time fathoming the depth of what you experince because a lot of the descriptions of my personality type say that ISFPs experience their emotions on an intense level and I'm pretty sure this is true for me except for the fact that I'm not exactly sure how I can be certain that what I'm feeling is intense compared to what others are feeling because the only way to know that is to be them. However, I do know for sure that I crave intensity and depth when it comes to emotion. So I think that maybe ISFPs can understand the depth of what you're feeling. However, they might be confused as to why you would react with a reaction so intense. My mother is an INFJ and quite recently actually I was wondering why she is SO often deeply emotional. So then again although I think I'm capable of feeling intense emotion I know I don't also have that ongoing emotional intensity. Actually, although I crave it, I'm TERRIFIED of it. It's not often that I will actually allow myself to feel what I'm feeling in it's entirety. It's very distressing to care deeply about my INFJ mother and constantly see her experience pain on such an intense level so maybe this ISFP that you are speaking of doesn't want to face your intense emotion either. And as for the peacemaker thing. I would call myself a "peace craver" not a peacemaker. I would LOVE to be able to make peace but frankly most of the time I lack the social skills for it. And as for the comment about contentment for the way things are: This is true. I can be completely content but I am ALWAYS looking to make things better! So while I can be content I am still fully aware that things can be better and strive for things to be that way. -- Anonymous
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A6 Signs of an ISFP? Well it might be difficult to tell because this type is so reserved and VERY hard to get to know well. But two major things to look for are their quiet or reservd nature and their creativity! They are highly creative! Oh and come to think of it modesty also. They judge their work with harsh perfectionism, hardly ever measuring up to their own standards. -- Anonymous
A7 I M n ISFP so I can easily relate to all the things you guys are saying about ISFPs, yet at the same time it's difficult to know exactly how you are perceived by others. I CAN say this: feelings are experienced with such depth and intensity of emotion in an ISFP that it's almost impossible to have them for too long--the good thing is that if you love something (someone) the excited feelings fad to general warmth toward that person and if you are angry, you quickloy get over it. ISFPs do not hold grudges, as that is inconsistent with our need for peace. We need our space or one-on-one company, but anything too overwhelming (socially) causes us to become withrawn and anxious. Furthermore--and this is a big one for me--if you confront an ISFP or ask them something that makes them uncomfortable or that they don't want to answer, be ready for a blank, cow-eyed stare and no response. Anytime I've ever been in a confrontational situation or put on the spot, I clam up and can't even stammer out a stupid response. I also do this when it comes to expressing emotional love and/or appreciation, because I am afraid of sounding insincere...even though I'm not. Basically if you know an ISFP well you should be able to tell exactly what they're thinking because we often think out loud and are very expressive with our facial features, hand gestures, etc. But if you encounter one in public it might not be as easy because we hide our vulnerable emotions from others until we're comfortable and sure they won't exploit them. ISFPs exhibit goofiniess, inattentiveness, a quiet confidence, and will generally be hanging out on the sidelines or somewhere far away from the public. Oh, and look for animals and children. We LOVE them -- Madelyn ISFP
A8 And they have short memories. Or maybe selective ones. They will consistently act one way and then suddenly decide that the whole time the situation was completely different. Then when they are reminded of the very words/actions that occurred they simply don't remember. -- Anonymous
A9 they're totally clueless retards! -- Anonymous
A10 Sorry more questions(i'll keep my agenda concealed, no, i changed my mind), but what about physical features and demeanor. I mean, are they actually "rounded figures" as the site says. Guess you have to view it as a spectrum, but I need some sort of ground to tread on. Then there's the "perfectionistic" ISFP; I'm insanely perfectionistic, cautious and all around pensive, yet probably of a different sort. Bluntly put, I'm trying to verify whether I'm an ISTJ or not. If so I have an overwhelming, debilitating, yet positively delusionary(if gives me an immensly deep understanding of the workings of abstract thought, yet consultation with a "to believe" issue and an NE role function makes it hard for me to adhere to the whole, but i still can be flashy in this field) and strong ti function. Then I'm a slave to the ambition of Se. That or my understanding of the functions is way off and I'm easily just one messed up N type. Cuz if I am a sensate I have a really good imagination. So enough of my agenda, I second the inquiry as to what the heck are ISFPs and are ISTJs concrete, or just detail oriented and stubborn, probably depends on how smart they are. ISFPs likewise, if there is such a thing, because if they were smart why would they be a "light minded" type, supposing that its that rigid. If ISFPs are as you describe, I'd consider them a rare type, haven't seen to many like that. Whatever, do what you like with this, I'm a broken 15 year old, seeking security or something. I just have to know what my type is! I think I'll submit a question for just that. -- Jackti of precious life
A11 I know 2 ISFP's and both are tall and skinny. Lanky would describe it. They also walk lankily. -- Anonymous
A12 A9 is a totally clueless retard! -- Anonymous
A13 Oh My God... A9 is an ISFp -- Anonymous
A14 To A12: ISFps like to act like clueless retards for sure. To A10 and A11: I've known a couple short and stocky ISFps. The taller ones are harder for me to identify because when I know someone's type I either know right away or it takes me a really, really long time to figure it out, and the ones who I've noticed were ISFps were short and stocky, except for one who was tall and skinny. To A1 who wrote "but some ISFps have felt my emotions to be too intense, over-the-top, and inappropriate, which strikes me as their inability to fathom the depths of what I experience and oversimplify life experiences." I think pretty much everybody experiences the INFj's emotions to be like that at some point. That's one of the INFjs problems. I've gone over the top once in a blue moon when I was really drunk and there was a bunch of stuff happening at once but INFJ's seem to do it a lot for some reason. And seriously, don't put people on pedestals, it's not healthy. Are you a chick or a dude? Because if your a dude you're just confirming the stereotype that INFjs males are pussies. -- WG
A15 TO A10: ISFps are not light minded. We may however appear that way but we take life very seriously, sometimes too seriously. Are you having problems descerning whether you are an ISFp or an ISTj? This should help: -- Anonymous
A16 They're usually energetic in the workplace and care a lot about family. And they're not as uncommon as some poster's suggest, they're actually pretty common. A10, you write: "...I have an overwhelming, debilitating, yet positively delusionary (it gives me an immensly deep understanding of the workings of abstract thought, yet consultation with a "to believe" issue and an {Ne} role function makes it hard for me to adhere to the whole, but i still can be flashy in this field) and strong {Ti} function." - How is it strong and debilitating at once? - And I've seen another post I can identify as yours; it sounds like you're trying to uh, ... "psychoanalyze" ... someone you've only read a lot of fragments about. -- Anonymous
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