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Question #1176801891Tuesday, 17-Apr-2007
Category: Typing Celebrities
So what type is Sean Connery? ISTp? ESFp? ESTp? INTj? -- anonymous
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A1 What about ENTj? He looked very ENTjish when he was young. -- d-_-b
A2 I thought he was typed as ISTj on another site. -- econdude
A3 A2. On "another site"? Who can argue with that! And what do you think yourself? Do you think he is introvert? -- Anonymous
A4 There's no way in hell he's an ISTj. ENTj - nope. -- anonymous
A5 @A2, I'm digging more deeply into the ISTj celebs already proposed on this site. To my surprise - Sean Connery DOES VI like Terence Stamp in that list. Holy frijoles ... -- anonymous
A6 @a5 Expert in VI are we? Then we must be blind to notice the similarity with Terence Stamp. There is nothing ISTjish about Sean Connery, never was. -- Anonymous
A7 @A6 I never claimed to be an expert, but some types I DO know well. In my opinion, Sean Connery also V.I.'s like Kathy Bates in certain expressions, e.g. Why, what type do you suspect he may be? -- Anonymous
A8 ESFp, ENTj or even ESTj but not ISTj surely. -- Anonymous
A9 My current inclination is peg him as either ESFp or ISfj. -- Anonymous
A10 In the final analysis, my guess is ISTp - like Fred Dalton Thomson, John Goodman, and Walter Matthau. Thank you for all your input. -- original anonymous
A11 ESTP -- the winner
A12 ESFP -- Anonymous
A13 I have my own little 16-type system which provides Sean 2 values out of 8, which are "Abstract" and "Expressive": AE . I have termed this "The Bully". And it corresponds to ENTJ. Sorry Sean, but nice counts too. -- Marc Louis Hébert
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A14 He seems to me like a j introvert. In interviews, he makes no sudden moves, no grimaces, looks 100% concentrated on the topic, speaks slowly, briefly, clearly and coherently. It also seems very probable his creative function is Se, otherwise he wouldn't be so good at all those Se actions in Bond films and wouldn't be able to enjoy them. (ESps would also be good at them but wouldn't enjoy them so much because Se is something they take for granted, it's the world they live in and don‘t think about, not the world they create. And an ENj would enjoy them but wouldn’t be so good at them.) I think Bond's type is a stereotyped ISTj (showing emotions only very rarely, loyal, stable opinions and occupation, no regret, ability to reason logically even in complicated situations, living in the world of the war of brains (Ti) and Se actions). It seemed to me at first that Connery himself is an ISTj, but when the interviewer told him "you always win" he smiled warmly and said "no I don't". Which I think is something an ISTj wouldn't do automatically. As this was a spontaneous reaction I'm inclined to think this is something of his true personality. He reminds me of my ISFj dad who would do something very violent to protect himself or to help someone and then deny having doing it. He also VIs like my dad, and I also have started to doubt the ISTj variant because ISTjs are my Instructors so the moment I see them, my adrenaline level goes up immediately. While Connery, though he looks more or less like an ISTj, makes me feel the opposite: as if I was at home. And that also adds to the conclusion I think Connery is an ISFj, Se subtype. That would explain why he seems like an ISTj to some and like an ENTj or ESFp to others - he is an ISj like ISTjs and at the same time is in the same quadra as ENTjs and ESFps. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A15 Its amazing no one has him as ENFP. -- Steve
A16 he is ISTJ -- biba
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