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Question #1176562605Saturday, 14-Apr-2007
Category: INFp INTp Typing
I am a 17 year old male trying to find out my type. Nearly every test I take seems to tell me that I am either an Infp or an Intp. I seem to have traits from both. Like an Infp, I have a tendancy to day dream. I have been known to get lost between my front door and my car. Also, I somewhat match the physical description of both types. Like some Intp's, I am completely clueless in matters of dress and appearance. I wear hand-me-down clothes that come mostly from my brother and father. And, unlike the Infp stereotype, I come across as intimidatingly somber and pessemistic. "you look like you hate the world" is a phrase I hear commonly in reference to my facial expression. Also, I am TERRIBLE at social interaction. I hate small talk and have difficulty meeting people. Once I know someone and don't have to deal with small talk, I can be quite funny and likeable. I like to read, especially philosophy. I tend not to care what people think of me unless I know them well, or if I don't understand their feelings towards me. For example, if someone doesn't like or misjudges me and I don't understand why, I can become obsessed with it. And, like an Infp, I am incompetent in anything involving math or science. I have been praised my entire life for my creative writing abilities and my persuasiveness both orally and in writing. I am a good public speaker, especially when I am speaking about something I care about. My achellies heel, excluding my poor interpersonal skills, is me lack of self confidence. I tend to assume I am doing terribly, even if I am doing much better than average. That, and I can't focus on anything important long enough to complete it. Any thoughts? -- Charley, washington
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A1 Based on that I think you are INTp. INTp's don't have to be good at science or math. Everything else seems to apply. I noticed something interesting from these Q&A. INFp's don't seem to be able to handle well movies with blood and gore. For INTp's it's the opposite. -- INTp
A2 If these are the only choices you have, then based on what you've written you fit INTp profile more. -- Anonymous
A3 One thing I forgot to add was that I seem to have an inate ability to read people in a sort of "Hannibal Lecter" fashion. No, I'm not a sociopath or a phsycopath, I just simply mean that I can tell a lot about a person after watching them and listening to them speak for only a few seconds. -- Anonymous
A4 A few questions to help you out (or possibly confuse you even more): How do you behave around individuals you've had a positive, enduring, and mutually beneficial relationship with? What's the overall mood or vibe that resonates from these people? What subjects do your interactions with them revolve around? Also, between the two types, which do you want to be? Do you have a preference? -- iei sniper
A5 Just a note, A3 was by me. And A2, I am not closed to the Idea that I may be a different type. Also, A4, I am extremely comfortable around close relations, though I at times take them for granted. My thoughts flow freely around these people, and we talk about everything from politics to our own lives. I think I would prefer to be an INTp, though that may be my rational father and brother talking. -- Charley, Washington
A6 It is usually the case that the type one wants to be is the type one is. (I believe there's a poll on this site that validates this assertion.) However, societal expecations and demands can certainly play a role in how one views they should ideally comport themselves. Perhaps, then, the question I should have asked is, "What type do you want society to be?" Your replies in A3 and A5 simply indicate Ni and don't really do a whole lot to resolve the INFp/INTp debate. But factoring your expressed wish to be an INTp and the replies in A1 and 2, it seems quite likely that INTp is your true type. -- sniper
A7 You probably are an INTp. You said you're completely clueless in matters of dress and appearence and you have poor social skills. That's because of your weak and your reservations about using your . But you can use that powerful of yours to build a strong knowledge base of how people dress in various situations, (and how the more successful people dress.) Extraverted Sensing types do this naturally, giving them an early advantage which helps them become popular, but it makes them shallow which gives them all sorts of problems and insecurities. You on the other hand are naturally deep, but clueless when it comes to the type of impression you make on people. Or maybe not. Maybe you enjoy being a social reject. But if you want to work on fitting in, use that ! As for your social skills, notice the patterns in peoples' social behavior, remember them ([Te])and fall back on your knowledge of those patterns when you get into awkward situations. Put intonation in your voice. A lot of INTps forget to do this. People with voices that sound good are almost always doing it consciously. Watch how people act, watch how people joke, and hang out with ESFps. If you meet ESFps halfway by learning ([Te]) how to hang out with them, you'll start making a lot more friends. Don't limit yourself to one ESFp, hang out with as many as you can. Don't worry about making too many friends. If you start to get overwhelmed that just means you get to choose who you hang out with and the people who really like you will actually seek you out. Faux pas will be good learning experiences if you don't sweat them. Remember, the best ESFps are the non-shallow ones, and the best INTps are the ones who actually bother to apply what they know. -- WG
A8 @A7: An ESFP here. I would just like to add that dressing is not that important. But otherwise I absolutely agree with WG. A INTp without interpersonal skills and intonation is interesting, but with them is wonderful! Btw, Charley, if you know youre "doing much better than average", why do you think you have poor self-confidence? I think your self-confidence is good, given you are able to think you are "doing much better than average". -- Ezis
A9 I do not think that one can determine one's type precisely until one reaches approximately the age of 25. One has to first self-actualize fully. -- I/O
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A10 @A9 You are probably talking about personality, not the type. -- Dr. Zoidberg
A11 Dr Zoidberg, yes and no. The perception of self is usually in the experimentation stage at a young age. It's hard to sort out ‘who is you’ until there is some measure of stability of that perception by the individual. One needs to be able to see the forest and not focus on the trees. Some can do that at an early age but for most, honesty (reality) with self is a trait that has to be learned; and, some never do. -- I/O
A12 @A1: I don't mind movies with blood and long as whomever is perpetuating the spraying of said viscera is fighting for a worthy cause. -- INFP
A13 You sound a bit like me when I was younger, and I'm an INFp (I don't hate the world anymore, but I am useless at finding even the simplest places. I also dress better than I used to, and care more what people think of me). -- Simon the INFp
A14 I think the INFJ is more squeamish when it comes to blood and gore. anyway, what's interesting is that the INFP profile says something about the INFP being good dressers...a bit foppish even. When I was a teen I did notice trends but didn't focus on dressing cool myself. I was more moody then and depressive. I looked like I "hated the world" as well. i was kinda showing a "leave me alone!" vibe. I just felt like everyone was so fake. I was very sensitive to criticism too. or if someone who didn't like me was talking crap about me then i would get obsessed with that. As I got older I've learned to control my moods. I am emotionally stable now. Oh yeah, when I started working, I focused on dressing nice... stylish clothes,makeup, shoes etc. Charley, i think maybe you might be on the border of T/F. As in INXP... -- infp girl
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