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Question #1175202767Thursday, 29-Mar-2007
Category: Tests Typing Advice Gay
Gee's i'm amazed just how differently I've ended up with the test results over the years Ive taken. I'm gay and think this in itself has knocked my confidence around people some-what as around fellow gays I can act very differently. I started out testing as ENTP, then decided that the E was probably due to taking into account 'drinking'. Subtracting this I became an INTP and sorta stuck with this for a will. Only wisdom has taught me (and after meeting one) what a real INTP is like and had to re-take the test. I'm actually coming out ENTJ now but the 'J' is almost 50/50 'P' and the 'E' is very weak. It does sort of sound like me, but am no way as power hungry as so many sites perceive the ENTJ to be. Or want to lead. Though do want my way most of the time, heh (and get it). If it helps - I'm happy to spend a lot of spare time week nights on my own to save money (am good with money), playing on the web/games, but go a little crazey at weekends, being the life of the party that can rage on until the following day. Any ideas? .. am I just low in confidence and its in there really? -- Kristen Simmons (bloke)
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A1 I'm not sure what effect your homosexuality has on your type but in some sense type is defined by our attempts to meet a psychological need. If I may appeal to the Kiersey (TM) temprament types for a moment, these needs have been defined as: NF - the need for achievement, SJ - the need to belong, NT - the need for power, and SP - the need for pleasure. Whether you are an introvert or an extravert will determine your particular path to resolving your particular ego need. -- Anonymous
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