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Question #1174644072Friday, 23-Mar-2007
Category: Theory Brain Personality
Would a male left brain visual learner be more likely to belong to any one of the 16 personality types than to any other? If so, which one, and why? -- Dhananjay
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A1 Visual learning is a sensory experience. If the necessity of occupying the visual cortex comes from a need for sensory stimulation then that is . Otherwise, it implies a need to associate the learning experience with memory in a concrete way; that is . The left brain is typically associated with localized processes. (Extraverted judging functions, and , and introverted perceiving functions, and .) Further thinking is more predominant in males than feeling, or so Jung believed. Putting this all together, a male, left-brained, visual learner is most likely either or . -- Anonymous
A2 @A1 "Visual learning is a sensory experience." Not necessarily. In the way that brain functions, visual information is handled differently, and in different areas of the brain than the other senses. Wich means it's unlikely to be related to socionics sensing functions. Same applies also to auditory information. Despite them being senses in vocabulary. I would say the types you mentioned are more likely to learn from doing, rather than from seeing. I'm too lazy to double check what was related to left and what was related to right side of the brain, so no answer to the question. -- RR INTp
A3 My anonymous friend - forgive me my ignorance but what would or translate to in MBTI? -- Dhananjay
A4 You must have noticed that when you clicked on those symbols, you added something like Te or Si in square brackets to the form field? That is how it translates, Te - Extraverted Thinking, Si - Introverted Sensing -- Anonymous
A5 A4 - I agree with what you said but that is the Socionic interpretation. Is it the same in the MBTI classification? I don't think so. -- Dhananjay
A6 If we go by functions alone and ignore all the other mess that comes into translating between Socionics and MBTI types, is Socionics ESTj which is also MBTI ESTJ. is Socionics ISTp, but MBTI ISTJ. -- BLauritson
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Since is socionics ISTp it could also be MBTI ISTP or ISTJ
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A7 Thanks folks. However, all of this is based on a crucial assumption - "Visual learning is a sensory experience" ... and if that is not so (as A2 pointed out) all of this crumbles. I am personally inclined to agree with A2. -- Dhananjay
A8 Yes, and to support A2 and A7, reading and listening are sensory experiences too! so are we all sensing types? No! we just spend different amounts of time sensing our environment and mulling about our internal representation of the world, which I think sums up in a nice way the difference between an intuitive person and a sensing person. -- -a friendly neighborhood ENTP
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