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Question #1171951284Tuesday, 20-Feb-2007
Category: Duality Statistics
Type distribution statitics I've seen show that the population of many types is smaller or larger than the population of their mates of duality. Doesn't that mean that many people will not be able to be with their "ideal" mate? (I am an INFP and am interested in an ESFJ and I can see where the judging preference would clash with my preference for perceiving.) -- Anonymous
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A1 No one knows how many of which type is out there, that's for sure. Nevertheless, even if this is true and the numbers indeed are not equal, then what is the problem? You can share a dual FFS! More @, duh! -- (-_-)
A2 Indeed it does. You don't even have to look at the statistics, it's blatantly obvious that there some types are way more common than others. Most people don't find ideal mates anyway, even if the personality type populations were even. In fact if you look at divorce statistics, and add to that people who never find anyone. Majority of people, don't even find someone who is even a good partner. @A1. Most people aren't weirdo polygamist cultist, duh! -- Anonymous
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A3 I am convinced that half of the population is -S-j, I just can't prove it. I guess the only other idea I have is that your life can be fulfilling without finding a dual. In fact, be careful what you wish for. -- econdude
A4 @A3 I don't know the distributions of Socionics types (I'd supposedly read that they're close to even...rarest at 5.5% & most common @ 7%.), but when you add up the %ages from the 4 SJ types from (based on MBTI, Big 5, Linda Berrins, & other personality type theories), it adds up to 49%. As far as finding an "ideal" mate, I believe it's better to rely more on your heart than purely on soft science anyways. And besides, there's been plenty of research that's shown that while opposites do initially attract, people generally most naturally stick with people resembling something closer to similarity to them rather than opposite...and that the most common naturally-forming & lasting relationships (of any kind) happen between "Mirrors" (in my case ENTP MBTI & Socioncs). -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
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