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Question #1171292094Monday, 12-Feb-2007
Category: INTj ESTj Relationship Advice Intertype Relations
I am an INTJ female and I just do not understand people who are ESTJ. I read in the intertype relations that we are illusionary relations. Is there any possible means to avoid conflict with a junior ESTJ who is ready to impose her opinion on everyone possible? -- Anonymous
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A1 Is this an insubordination issue? I agree how annoying they can be when they want to believe they know more than everyone else. When they behave this way towards authority it becomes really bad. I think that you had better stand up for yourself and what you think. If you don't you may get trampled. -- the silliest puppy(from the next generation)
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A2 I have found that as an INTj I mix reasonably well with ESTjs. If they are in a bad mood, steer clear! If they give you a pain just give them an abstract idea to grab their attention for a while. Actually, ESTjs, even rebellious teenage types, tend to listen to ideas that are logical and clear and's very aggravating to try to work with someone who will not listen, do you have more information about why you have to interact with this person? -- econdude
A3 Try to not be so controling and sympathise with her concerns. What is importaint to her: usually what is happening now. there is no evil plan. I know I would rather talk things through. The problem is INFJ come across as heartless. self absorbed, controling and care about what seems to be useless junk. As an example my mom an INFJ bugs me about the future. The most annoying thing you could do to an ESTJ. I'm all grown up and she still won't leave me alone. Don't make it your responsibility to sensor an ESTJ. Take care of yourself and let her make herself look stupid. if you want to help just make sure she thinks things through first. Maby she will start listening to what you would have to say if you had some concrete evidence. Good luck trying to change her mind by making her feel a certain way. That doesn't work. She has her own opinion and she has already made up her mind. Try Proving her wrong. sincerly, ESTJ GUY. -- ESTJ Guy
A4 She's just making chit chat, opinions are not set in stone they are something to discuss, you can disagree and put your own opinions forward and give people something to think about. ESTJs like people who can think differently. -- ESTJ Female
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