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Question #1170630288Sunday, 4-Feb-2007
Category: Theory
In all of my readings on psychological type, I have not run across anyone who would differentiate much between males and females of the same type. Should we? Is the socialization process so powerful, and the brains of men and women sufficiently different, that we should have 32 types instead of sixteen? Would any other demographic characteristics people possess cause a need to differentiate in more than 16 ways? -- econdude
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A1 I don't know if you have read "Who agrees?" the new article on this website, it pretty much summons it all. -- Dr. Zoidberg
A2 If the "who agrees" article is the be all and end all answer to all of our questions, why do you and I keep returning to this site and think about (at least in my case) type so much that it should probably be classified as an addiction? -- econdude
A3 Again, let's not confuse personality with ‘type’. If a person were a tree, type is the wood, the fibre of a person. Personality comprises the branches and leaves while roots and environment affect how the tree will grow. An oak can grow tall and proud, dainty and elegant, or bent and twisted. However, an oak is still an oak. The pressures of societies' expectations and one’s biological imperatives (part of your root system) will change your outward appearance so one has to oftentimes look much deeper to see the true nature, the driving force of a person. -- I/O
A4 econdude, As far as "addiction" is concerned I'm fairly certain that typing folks is just a mental hobby that may have become a bit extreme in your case. As to your question, if you want to add gender to the mix then this would become another bi-valent personality dimension like any of the other four, leading to thirty-two types rather than sixteen. There is some evidence from neuroscience that suggests male and female brains do function quite differently is most cases. Males tend to be task focused, optimizers. Whereas, females network data from a variety of different sources in their brains simultaneouly. I'm no neuroscientist, so I could not tell you what effect this has on personality or even if it is a valid finding. It's just something I read recently. -- Anonymous
A5 That's an interesting point. I think there is definately a difference between how male and females behave, even within the same type. But I don't know if it's dramatic enough to create to separate types like that. -- Anonymous
A6 I agree with A5. Referencing a much more basic theory of personality, a Sanguine male and a Sanguine female are still the same temperament. An ENFp male and an ENFp female are still the same type, but yes, society will exert its influence. Isn't that what the male/female types on Wikisocion are for? In short, no need to further complicate matters by splitting types for gender. -- Kanerou
A7 I tend to think of the differences between male and female as a whole different level from socionics. Socionics is about personality type, whereas I think of male/female differences as deeper and more instinctive. No real solid (Ti) logic to back that up, just an (Ne) intuition (or is it Ni? I can never tell). There's a good article on the subject here: And comparisons of how gender affects each different type here: -- Krig (INTj)
A8 Seems to me like there's more of a difference between male and female F types, espeacially the extroverts. Just the whole way they conduct themselves and interact with people and absorb criticisms. -- Anonymous
A9 There are differences between male and female types and there are some Russian descriptions of male and female types around. I/O, grow out of your Ti shell and realise not everything is vague and subjective. -- Anonymous
A10 lol @ you -- Anonymous
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