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Question #1169842789Friday, 26-Jan-2007
Category: INFp INTp INTj Typing
I have a conflicted test history. I have always known myself as INTj, but come here and test as an INTp and I know that doesn't fit me. Now I'm wondering if I'm actually an INFp. How can an INFp be mistaken for an INTj? -- Jim
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A1 Maybe I can be of some help, INFP and INTJ can Not be mistaken for each other(With the exception that they both like to talk). However an INFJ and INTJ can be mistaken for each other simply because these two personalities are of a melancholic nature (the cup is half empty), INFP on the other hand see the cup as half ful, they will even go to the point of saying it is half ful when it is almost empty. They like to see the good in everything and everyone. INTJ have patience for details (as long as it going the way they want it to). While INFP have litle to no patience for details, and if they have to focus on details, it takes them forever, and they are easily distracted from finishing it. INTP and INTJ have somethings in common, like computer systems, science, they are ordered and organized (intj more so than intp). But while you can easily tell when an INTj is angry, happy, sad, frustrated, INTp are not so easy to read. INTJ are a kind of perfectionist, while INTP only are if their job discription, or someone overbearing requires it of them. I like this illustration that I have read for INTJ, that if you ask them to to build a chair for a person, by the time they are done it will be able to hold an elephant. Your question is too short and concise to be an INFP. -- intp
A2 Uhh A1, while socionics is an outstandingly intricate type theory, it seems to be weak on or possibly lack a strong neurological basis despite its startling accuracy and probable yet a little unnaccomoding accuracy. Don't get me wrong, I love socionics and am a total convert of its brand of type theory, but you can't make generalisations and read a type based on mere text response, though you might have meant it in a merely correcting non-generalistic way, I often leave out details too and I like to have a simple yet accurate outlook. Im only 15 Ive been unsure my type for quite some time, over the years my personality might have even fluctuated alittle. But now I am confident that prior to my intense hardships, I was a highly sensitive INFP and still am, however I seem to possess a aury hiden agendy and overall layout of the pshyque as, I am a good enough actor to convince my self of something I desire but might not neccesarily be true or perhaps I blow some trait out of proportion. Yet I have some of the INFJ modesty, the INTJ analytic abilities, and a little INTP pessimism(yes IT types can be very pessimistic at times, but it might just be trivial or a devils advocate role). I discovered my type just by the sense I get from the discription as well as an analytical look at my psyche and tests(though I kindof have a capacity to read those tests inside out). Im exetremely gifted in science and philosophy(though my iq scores vary like crazy and I don't score as well on them as I think I should, my highest is like 144 on a "g loaded" test), but when I was younger I was an extremely intense feeler(it varies now a days) and am strongly gifted in music. This had me thinking that I was an intense thinker and obviosly an introvert, and I think learned to think like an INTJ, so initially "killed" any feelings I had and acted like an INTJ, plus I don't think that Im as stubborn with my Ni as I used to be in the sense of me being less likely to overlook all the possibilities though Ive never been really stubborn. Plus the message really didn't seem that concise(which is an INTJ aspect) but it was rather brief yet it is just a simple question, but a simple unspecified question might be a product of a dominant Ni user though that might not be the case. I am sure that I am predominantly an INFP, as I excell at anticipating things before they happen based on observations, am intensely emotional good at reading others and am not empathetically bound like an INFJ, and Im too lazy and soft and too much of a dreamer to be an INTJ, as well as being a definate introvert, though that does make me seem like an Ne user doesn't it. Another post put into perspective what Ni and Ne truly meant, I think I do have a desperate need to truly understand and a superficial understanding is what I strive to kill, as is the INFPs hidden agenda, though I kinda feel a compulsion to verify that my brain and mind are healthy, possibly a "to be healthy" overlapse. Yes I do hate to deal with details(mostly technological) but have the ability to "hyperfocus" on an area of interest, im also a major slacker, I almost,never do my homework, I hate it its boring and redundant. I get good grades by intellectually appealing to my teachers and by striking them with my sensitivity and passion. But to answer the question up above an INFP can be mistaken for an INTJ but it depends on the person and their array of abilities as IN types as well as many types tend to overlap in appearance and possibly even character(don't see why not). You might just be an INFP or an INTJ, you have to break it down into pieces like that, and if you are an INFP, quench your insatiable desire to understand with knowledge that that is your hidden agenda. But its not gonna be so simple and you might just seem to be a mixed type like me. Just look at how you acted and felt when you were a child I guess and look for simple patterns that convey meaning, in order to do this youll need to be really well aquainted with the different types. Just go on information gathering sprees and Im sure it will come to you, it tends to all the sudden just hit me when Im day dreaming. But in respect to my point above, although there is going to be a neurological reason for you being your type, why can't a person have a slightly mixed preference. Look at it on a microscopic lvl however or simply detatch from any notion that you are one type or another and act naturally, then look at it later, maybe say a week, though easier said than done. Ive met another INFP with a very scientific and knowledgable mindset, we're just a little more artistic or sensitive in one way or another. I only strongly compare to highly sensitive or self aware INFPs meaning that concientiousness and being judgemental are not completely alike and the border beetween being perceptive and judgemental is fuzzy and on a bit of a continuum but can be analogus(dammit I hate spelling sometimes) to say a ball landing on the top of a hill with weakly concave grooves scaling it and roling to one side or another however the hill is not neccesarily steep and pointed. Then again I talk too much sometimes but I anticipated things too much which seems to translate in to discovering new possibilities. Kind of got a little carried away, its fun though. -- -wierdo-infp-dashes-are-contagious
A3 Sorry if you got my post above i screwed up some spelling and ordering, so it may require a little interpretation. Im tired as hell and impatient so screw anyone who doesn't get it because of that. Thank you. -- weirdo-INFP-dashes-are-contagious
A4 Could it be that you have always known yourself as INTJ and not INTj? The fact that you're now wavering about T/F bit could possibly indicate that you are Socionics P type as in XXXp (sorry, I am in no way implying that INTJ = INTp, it could just be one of those circumstantial matches) -- Dr. Zoidberg
A5 Socionics and Myers-Briggs are not the same typology. It is unfortunate that both typologies use the same four-letter acronyms (with the exception of case for the last letter) to describe each type. A Myers-Briggs INTJ is often a socionics INTp. -- Anonymous
A6 Well can you explain that in more detail because you, or someone, keeps saying that and it seems very obvious that Socionics is Myers Briggs based. So how has it differed? -- RubyENFP
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A7 Socionics is not Myers-Briggs based. Myers-Briggs is not Socionics based. Both systems are based (at least partially) on the works of C. G. Jung. He was a Swiss psychiatrist who came up with a basic concept of personality types. MBTI evolved more directly from his works, whereas Socionics had a variety of influences, including Carl Jung's works. Both typologies have interpreted his works in different ways, which is one reason for the discrepancies. -- BLauritson (INTp)
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