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Question #1169295486Saturday, 20-Jan-2007
Category: T/F Attraction
Other things equal, are women generally more attracted to F or T men? Why? -- Dhananjay
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A1 It would cost alot of money and time to carry out an experiment to test that. Would the results even stand the test of time? Who knows. You'd have to carry it out again to find out. The common belief today is that women prefer wealthy "tall dark and handsome" men. The rest is just intertype relations(if you believe in them). Of course none of those things matter alot of the time, you can go to any public place to see that. -- Cameltoe camelion
A2 Yet this kind of experiments are conducted all the time! -- (-_-)
A3 i think it depends -- lara
A4 i like Fs... more feeling, more flair, and more fun! -- INFj
A5 @A2 Indeed and yet 87% of all statistics are made up on the spot. -- Anonymous
A6 I think that F women are usually attracted to T men, and T women to F men. -- Ezis
A7 It's human nature to want to feel protected; to have one's back covered so to speak. Therefore, T would attract to F and vice versa because of the complementary aspect, you protect my weak spot and I'll protect yours. This imperative would likely dominate spousal relationships. However, it's also human nature to want to be understood so T seems to prefer to communicate with T, and F with F. I would assume that this imperative dominates one’s choice of friends. For the most part, we weave complex but perhaps predictable relationships. -- I/O
A8 A7 made an interesting observation. However, what do you think matters more to most people ... to have their backs covered or to be understood? The two are largely mutually exclusive. -- Dhananjay
A9 Maslow's hierarchy places safety and security second in our foundation of needs while respect by others is fourth so I would assume that the T/F attraction takes precidence by far. However, if one is secure in what one is and has, even if that person does not have a spousal relationship, then understanding would be the preference. -- I/O
A10 Would you think that the majority of the concerned population is secure in what they are and have, or is the soul-searching ruffled type? Forget about Maslow's theories for the time being - I am more interested in how the real world functions. -- Dhananjay
A11 I think a majority of people have insecurities and need all the help they can get, whether they like to admit it or not – an extra dimension to hidden agendas so to speak. I wouldn’t dismiss Maslow; he captures the essence of human kind very succinctly and I think with type theory can explain many of our choices in relationships. If one is worried about eating, that person will not care if he or she is misunderstood so long as food is on the table. Type is the one constant as one moves up Maslow’s pyramid. And, I think most “soul searchers” are in three-piece suits because they likely have achieved some measure of success and are wondering what’s next. -- I/O
A12 A11 made an interesting analysis and I am particularly fascinated by his (or her) last sentence. In this context, I must add that "when you think you have all the answers to life's questions, the questions change". That is why "soul searchers" will always remain the easily ruffled types. Whoever said that "ignorance is bliss" was not completely wrong. Western science is finding today what much of Oriental philosophy preached thousands of years ago. -- Dhananjay
A13 Well I'm a female ISFP so my dominant funtion if introverted feeling and I'm most definitely more attracted to male Fs which makes sense because I'm so insanely sensitive that I would have to be with an F. I think. Haha. -- Anonymous
A14 I/O you have made some interesting observations in general. On this particular thread it would explain why I want more now to be understood from a partner of equal. This pyramid sounds interesting and I gonna read up on Maslow now so thank you for that. If I may give you a compiliment - you strike as having the knowledge and capacity of thought that education should produce. There are some who would use it purely as a method of portraying superiority. So thanks mate for your insights and knowledge and if I may say, keep up the good work! -- ISTp
A15 @ A11, it's interesting that you think successful people would be the ones to "soul search." I think a lot of soul searchers are people who feel like they are missing out on their true purpose in life, regardless of whether they've achieved the traditional/superficial measure of success (i.e. monetary gain). Anyway, who people are attracted to depends on the person and numerous other factors unrelated to type, such as maturity level. But in the interest of interesting discusion, I'm a feeler and have most often (but not always) been attracted to thinkers romantically. -- learning
A16 I'm attracted to F men. -- entp
A17 I (ISTp female) tend to get F guys mooning over me ... & I tend to form strong friendships with T guys. To be brutally honest, I like the attention Fs give me, but I respect my T-boys more. Obviously, this is only a small part of the picture. I would also like to point out that Maslow's hierarchy has shown only limited relevance: yes, people on the bottom level are primarily concerned with survival, since it is far from assured, but studies have shown that even refugees and others living in what we in the affluent West would consider squalid conditions DO concern themselves with social issues and even spirituality. So the triangle is a good reflection tool but its levels should not be considered exclusive of each other. -- iAnnAu
A18 I'm attracted to F men too. -- DustBunny
A19 I think women and men are attracted to perfection. This means a perfect balance of T and F. You want a guy who is sensitive enough to help you emotionally, but not so sensitive as to get caught up in his own baggage. You also want a guy who is intelligent and can get things done efficiently, while not being too cold. Of course, let's not forget that a man should be both "Fiery and Passionate, and Calm and Collected during intense situations, a physical impossibility. People's expectations, wants and desires and generally idealistic and unreasonable, and frequently contradict each other. I have seen both T and F guys that attract the ladies, I personally think it has more to do with physical attractiveness more than anything (of course a great personality for a guy, T or F, will draw in the ladies). Confidence is key. -- Anonymous
A20 I think it would depend on type. I'm an F girl my crushes have been F boys BUT my deep loves have been T boys. -- Anonymous
A21 I think the real issue here is which dichotomy (Fe/Ti or Te/Fi) is preferred, as well as the relative strength of expression of these functions. Arguing for F or T is not overly insightful in and of itself. -- INFp guy
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A22 I like F types -- ENXp
A23 It totally depends on the girl I think. I personally prefer T types because F types are too easily hurt IMO. -- ISFj female
A24 I think given that that the majority of females are F types, and the majority of males are T types, perception has it that women are generally more attracted to T males. Traditional institutions and the media reinforce this stereotypical bonding. I think females may relate better with F males as friends. As a T female, personally, I'm more attracted to T males. I support A21s view that the attraction can depend on the F/T function pairing. -- Anonymous
A25 A19 wins. Women (and men) are attracted to confidence, which can be a trait of T and F types. -- Anonymous
A26 there are many factors especially external which can confuse lots of people regarding T/F choices. Is the question implying women are F therefore need male T balance (ie sexist?) With socionics already even the idea of gender roles is hard to define. eg Is dom tradtionally male or dom or 2ndry? Is there a special combination of "male" or "female" congitive functions that make some types more "capable" than others or intelligent or more male/female? This is hard to prove. eg ask which is more capable therefore "masculine" estj or entp?? both have Thinking but its also the combination of functions and there is no one definable outcome out of being "T" cause estj and entp very different personalities. another example I like infj women. But they are a strange combo of high thinking ability and feeling? -- Anonymous
A27 Generally speaking, everyone tends to be more attracted to their opposite judging function: the F's prefer T's and vice versa. Gender is irrelevant. -- Anonymous
A28 Most women are F's; most men are T's. (Approximately 2:1 ratio in each case). And A27 is absolutely correct, especially when the woman is also a traditional, respecting Sj type. -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
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