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Question #1168110554Saturday, 6-Jan-2007
Category: Theory
Is there any way to change a person's type? -- Jessica
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A1 Yes. Injury to brain, brainwashing, mental disorder etc. If you mean a positive change, then no. -- RR INTp
A3 I don't think so. Your type remains constant from a young age. There might be times when you act different from your usual nature (i.e. under stress), but this doesn't change your actual type. -- Anonymous
A4 I tested INFJ for ages on personality tests but was suffering from Celiac disease without realizing it so had very low energy levels and lived a lot in the future in my head (worrying etc!). Then I cut out gluten and had quite a radical personality change, I now test very clearly ESFJ. My family say I've gone back to how I was as a child and in my early teens so I guess I was always ESFJ but suffering under adverse physical conditions! In which case, what A3 says is probably true... -- Anonymous
A5 What A1 posted about brain injury may actually be possible. People have been known to have a shift in personality after serious head trauma, but I certainly wouldn't recommend doing it on purpose Outside of that I don't think a personality change is possible. A lot of people may have just mistyped themselves or came from MBTI which has a messed-up view of the functions, particularly the Extroversion-Introversion one. Most people in society still believe that extroversion equates to being social and confident and introversion as the opposite -- Anonymous
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A6 I know it was by far not the question, I still post this. @A5: IE-problem: I learnt that introversion doesnt have to do with shyness and recluse-ness, but an introvert mind takes longer, because there is a different routine to process information. I also learnt that most people learnt something different: Is are not confident, can't work under pressure. This is from their experience. There are few people interested in as to why Is seem that way, it costs time and doesnt affect the outcome (see human resources). So any personality type system that draws quick conclusions, meeting peoples expectations and experiences is the most successful. -inf -- Anonymous
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