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Question #1167585687Sunday, 31-Dec-2006
Category: Polls Stereotype
Which type would you trust to keep your secrets? -- Fefe
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A1 Fefe, you ask some great questions. This one is very intriguing. Can introverts be trusted more to keep a secret? Possibly SJs? I usually end up saying this in half of my posts, but it probably doesn't boil down to type. I am good at keeping my mouth shut but that probably has more to do with life experiences and personal ethics and my philosophy than my type. -- econdude
A2 ISFjs all the way. -- Anonymous
A3 That's true. Thanks for your input, econdude. -- Fefe
A4 I would trust Idealists (NFs) the most and Artisans (SPs) the least ... but there are always exceptions -- Dhananjay
A5 Nothing to do with the type, but by no means, please continue masturbating. -- Unpleasant
A6 Way to answer the question, A5. *sarcasm* -- Fefe
A7 Introverted types are better than Extroverted types as E types talk too much and may ask others for advice if your secrets are some problems. -- Anonymous
A8 I seem to have an easier time trusting Introverted types( more specifically, ISFJs)to keep secrets. Extroverted types do shoot from the lip a lot. -- Fefe
A9 I'm an ENFP and I can keep secrets forever. . .but I have to know it's a secret or I might spill it by accident. Who I would trust most would depend on the secret. If the secret was something emotional or relationship oriented, I'd totally trust an ISTP (if they were attached to me) or ISTJ, because really, they don't care to discuss such things so why would they tell somebody? I'd be a bit concerned an ISFJ would feel emotionally honor-bound to tell somebody else or something, if it were an emotional/relationship thing, and they're stubborn so that would make me nervous. I'd never tell an ISTJ if I'd broken a law or rule or protocol. lol. I'd trust some NTs with anything, and others with nothing. Healthy INFPs keep secrets beautifully, especially if you're extremely close to them. I think INFJs would too. ENFJs...well, they like to meddle, so I'm careful with them, bless their hearts. lol. They don't keep family secrets well. . .they think everyone in the family should know everything. But if it would hurt you for them to tell a secret they'll keep it. Overall I think I'm more trusting towards NF types and very introverted people. I might fear judgement from a J, so that's something to consider if it's a factor. -- DreamingOne
A10 @A9:So what do you think about ISFPs, ESFPs, and ESTPs when it comes to secrets? On another note, though, I do trust ENTPs with my secrets( if I know them really well),but then there's the issue of when they want to get back at you for something, they might use it against you. -- Fefe
A11 an extremely well-developed ENFP would be ideal, but otherwise, i'd say go with the ISFJ -- Anonymous
A12 how about Istj? -- enfj
A13 A secret can be ferreted out of anyone if you play the game right, period. A secret told is one degree less a secret. That said, my ISTj? friend I trust only, and he is liable to forget what I said anyway. -- MD
A14 I have found the more someone trusts me the more they wish to tell me there secrets, and other peoples. But its difficult saying which type as it can come down to an individuals principles, if therefore on that note would we expect some types be more principled than others. So yes i'd say its a question of trust to what someone will tell you, but i find if its a one on one an i really want to know something subjecting the both of us to alcohol can have if its desired, a certain sharing effect! But then of course there is always sodium penthanol haha! -- Cyclops
A15 One of the generalizations between I and E was explained to me as "how far under the surface you keep your internal verbalizations" - in other words, how likely are you to think before you speak. Therefore, it seems to me that the primary consideration is the maturity level of the person - how well they understand the importance of keeping secrets ... and secondarily, I would consider I versus E, because an E would be more prone to accidentally talking about something before they could stop themselves. Interestingly enough, I, an ISTP, don't tell my secrets unless I'm prepared for them to no longer be secrets ... and I don't particularly like when people tell me stuff they want me to keep secret. I hold several secrets at this time, and don't wanna have more! -- iAnnAu
A16 -- Anonymous
A17 I trust my intj friend and my entp friend to keep secrets. Over the years they haven't let me down once. -- ENTp
A18 I trust my bff ISTj friend with my secrets. -- ISFp
A19 None of them, they'll all sell you out in the end. -- Anonymous
A20 INTps are excellent secret keepers, as to my experience. I can keep secrets too, but the other person must tell me it is a secret. Overall, I think the ability to keep secrets lies more in inner morality of the person, not his/her type. -- ESFp
A21 What about INTJs? -- Anonymous
A22 I don't think it's a matter of type but what the secret is, who the person you're telling it to you is and what kind of relationship you have with that person -- Anonymous
A23 I trust my isfp friend the most. -- Anonymous
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A24 I would, as an ENFp, say don't trust ENFps, unless you put the fear of God into them that if they blub your secret hell will break loose and you will hate them forever. We like the ethical consequences of what we're doing to be made clear. ENFps one of types that are easy to manipulate, and also one of the types that construct conversations involving details about their friends. But if you stress the moral importance of keeping the secret, then you can trust them. Also, tell them unambiguously that it is a secret (obvious I know, but it doesn't always happen) - personal and private get mixed up in our minds. Personally, I trust the two introverted NTs the most (they don't care about your secret enough to talk about it), then ISFps, then ISTps. ISXjs judge you morally quite heavily and may run off and tell someone if they think a rule has been broken...and since most secrets involve me doing things I shouldn't really be doing, it's best not to tell them. ISXps are more laid back. I'd prefer ISFp to an ISTp only slightly, just because the ISFp would understand the emotional side of things a little better. -- pandapanda
A25 A24, ESTJs will rat you out in a heartbeat. -- Anonymous
A26 ISFJs. -- Anonymous
A27 I am going with INFJ. Most INFJs I know are brutally honest (which is a good thing, IMO), and are very trustworthy. Add to the fact that they, being naturally introverted, would be unlikely to accidentally spill such information. BTW, this is a cool question, but in reality I think it is hard to say which types are going to be better at keeping secrets. Though I think the static types might be more likely to be straightforward (EPs and IJs). -- Anonymous
A28 It works with Ixxj types. -- me
A29 It also works with ISFp. -- me
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