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Question #1165417568Wednesday, 6-Dec-2006
Category: Typing Advice
I am suffering from Myers vs Jung disconnect here, I'm hoping someone brave enough to read this long a post can sort it out for me. I'm not sure what my type is, I always test as an ENFP or ENFp but usually with a low F preference, and a low preference for E and N as well. When I took the basic sorter here, it could have gone either way except for the p dimension. I know I'm a perceiving person. The other types to which I might be are, ENTP and ISTP (Myers). Inwardly I associate with the ENFP most, outwardly though, I am most like an ISTP, my Dual and near opposite I found out, which is interesting to me. Reading profiles on this site, I find relate most to the ENFp and ISTp types. My physical description tends towards the ISTp. It seems to me that these two types are very similar in some regards, ergo the confusion I guess. What I identify with the ENFP most is: The diplomatic touch and intuitive know of how to handle people. I find I am able insert myself into most groups if I care to. A strong ethical basis and ability to navigate tricky situations, find the best compromise. Aversion to detail and extremely varied interests; example, my major is Chemical Engineering although I'm doubting my choice, I also heavily considered Architecture and a job I think I would be happy at is being a newspaper editor or a psychologist. I am also good at languages, they just come naturally to me. I hate routine, struggle to organize my life, and am more of a starter than a finisher. Why I think I might think I am an ISTp: I have a strong aesthetic sense. The physical description, cryptic though, fits me much better than ENFp. The entire (-) profile on the [+]&[-} ISTp profile. I am confused on how Myers and Jung differ on the p and j dimension though. I know the introversion is at odds with p/j. Thanks again -- An XXXp ???
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A1 Think no more, I'd say you're ENFp. -- Anonymous
A2 ENFp logical subtype or ENTp! -- Anonymous
A3 Definately ENFp. Try looking up on ENFp's and Duality. We have a tendency to try to be EVERYTHING. lol -- ENFp
A4 Regardless of what your type actually is, only you can properly define yourself, there are a few things that might help you figure yourself out if you understand them. First, M-B and Socionics (Jung) types are identical for extraverts. For introverts, j and p are usually reversed in M-B vs. Jung. That is, for an introvert J = p; P = j. (Though this is not always so.) That said, I agree with the concensus so far that based upon your post you're probably ENFp. (Extraverted intuitive with introverted feeling.) Why? you imagine 9000 possibilities for every situation, and evaluate them in terms of value judgements: good, bad, right, wrong, etc. -- Anonymous
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A5 Hold on - I don't think you're an ENFp, but instead, an INFp both MBTI and here. Read the profiles, including the 'uncovered' one, and see if there's a better alignment. One very strong clue that you're an INFp is that you're drawn to fields that would probably repulse most ENFps, including chemical engineering (just the name alone would probably send shivers through an ENFp), architecture and being an editor (instead of a reporter, which is a field overloaded with ENFps). In my experience with INFps (i'm not an INFp, I'm an INTp), they are drawn to fields not because they are actually interested in the field itself, but in the 'concept of the field'. They like the poetic idea of certain jobs - but when it comes to the actual thing, they don't tend to like it (and hence they don't do too well...and are often very sloppy and **** off their INTp co-workers . They like concepts - like 'urban planning' or 'art director' or 'community development officer'. Anyway. Good luck. -- Anonymous
A6 I'm going w/ ENFp as well. I'm reading a self-assessment that sees a lot of possibilities (& perceived "confusion") about yourself, versatility, & differing interests/possible career path opportunities; this points to . Also, you begin the post seemingly concerned that others might believe the post to be too long (F). "A strong ethical basis and ability to navigate tricky situations, find the best compromise. Aversion to detail and extremely varied interests." After the previous sentence, this was VERY telling for me-pointing toward ENFx (likely p with ). You then say you "hate routine" (p) and "struggle to organize your life" (p). -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
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