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Question #1165196599Monday, 4-Dec-2006
Category: Theory ADD/ADHD Mental Disorders
Which types are most likely to suffer from ADD, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder, if there are any correlations between type and personality disorders? -- fefe
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A1 Hmm, I think schizophrenia is a very serious mental illness, which shouldn't necessarily be more common in one type or another. As far as I know, bipolar disorder is caused by certain hormonal imbalances in the body, or the over/under production of serotonine and the like. Depression, or rather a pessimistic world view in general, tends to be more common in introverted thinking types, in my own experience. I suppose I might suffer from a mild form of ADD myself, and I've noticed it in extraverted intuitives before. As to assuming all extraverted intuitives suffer from ADD... I'd want to see more empirical evidence. -- voot, enfp
A2 INTj (INTJ on the MBTI) here, and I've got severe ADHD. So does my mom, who's also an INTj/INTJ. There's a theory that ADD/Inattentive exists more prevalently in introverts, and that ADD/Hyperactive exists more prevalently in extraverts. -- Anonymous
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A3 I'm not sure about how mental disorder correlates to personality types, but I am an ENFP currently taking Seroquel for bipolar disorder. -- some guy
A4 I've found many IXTJ's have aspergers -- Anonymous
A5 I'm an ENFP, on Prozac, and also worried about my drinking. I'm not depressed, I just drink what's put in front of me, and I'm going out with an ESTP who is a bit of a party boy, and I am worried that we make each other worse. Most INTPs I know seem a little on the autistic spectrum, but I think they're just like that. -- Anonymous
A6 Could INFps and INTps be more prone to schizophrenia, as Ni isn't so focused on reality? -- Simon the INFp
A7 Paranoid Schizophrenia, John Forbes Nash, American mathematician, ENTJ, (1.Te, 2.Ni) One on One - Professor John Nash

-- jgbr
A8 Example: Gerald, Type: ENTP (1.Ne, 2.Ti) (Based on observation and VI), Mother: ENTJ Schizophrenia: Gerald, Part 1

-- jgbr
A9 Example: Augustine INTJ, (1.Ni, 2.Te) (0.05s and 3:30 on the timeline) Schizophrenia 3: Dopamine hypothesis

-- jgbr
A10 Example: Heather ENFP, (1.Ne, 2.Fi), (based on observation and VI), Mother: ENTP Schizophrenia: Heather

-- jgbr
A11 The examples above demonstrate that Schizophrenia is used as an "umbrella term". It is an inadequate categorization of patients with various personality types. (A8. Gerald's mother is closer to ISFJ than to ENTJ.) -- jgbr
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