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Question #1160452656Tuesday, 10-Oct-2006
Category: ENFj ENTj Hidden Agenda
Can someone explain the hidden agenda "to be wealthy"? Does it mean they all want to be rich, moneywise? Or wealthy in another sense? -- Eliphalet
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A1 I think "wealth" in this sense pretty strictly applies to financial capital. However, you need not look upon ENXjs as heartless money-grubbers. They primarily like to project an aura of affluence and prestige; the actual accumulation of these things is of secondary importance. -- horace
A2 It means that they aren't exactly "go-getters" when it comes to acquiring wealth. They feel shame if they appear as greedy. But they want to live lifestyles, that need wealth to sustain. So they often have making money as an ulterior motive. -- Anonymous
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A3 In time, I've realized the thing that satisfies me most is knowledge, and the wisdom coming from its brooding over. I'm aware of the need of money to survive in this world, but other than that I try to come off the virtual needs publicity creates. This may be clearer if you consider... N, T, J. That's why I'm here reading this stuff. -- Anonym. ENTJ
A4 Perhaps since ENTj's weak point is (introverted?) sensing they would want some kind of external manifestation of their success, something "to show for" their existence? Of course, there is a such thing as being too ambitious, maybe lacking faith that success will come without lots of manuevering or a heavy hand. -- learning
A5 I have a teacher at my school who is an ENTJ, also was going out with an ENFJ (but that didn't last long). Basically: they are good people, but you can see their hunger. -- Th - intp
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