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Question #1159164363Monday, 25-Sep-2006
Category: ISTp ISTj Typing
how can you tell if someone is istp or istj without having to look too hard? -- Anonymous
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A1 Just look at their shoes. Polished steeltoed boots - ISTJ, unpolished steeltoed boots - ISTP -- enfp
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A2 Yeah it is sometimes hard to tell, as both of them are realistic and logically-thinking. But ISTPs are fast-moving, always on the move, ready to play or joke at any time, while ISTJs are more "steady". -- Anonymous
A3 istjs are by default, more intense than istps. istps are in general, laid-back folks and easy-going. plus, istjs are known for their stubborness. can't say their stubborn, it does take some argument to change their mind and they're not afraid of arguing over matters with you. the istps i know don't do that. -- Anonymous
A4 I'm ISTp . I can't stand ISTjs. They are annoying and not fun at all. ISTps don't usaully care for serious relationships and ISTJs do. ISTjs often hold gruges and ISTps are less likely to. Why? It is because ISTps pass from one experince to the next. ISTjs don't move on very well. -- Aaron B
A5 ISTJs are very serious and uptight, a lot of times even strict. They follow rules and don't break the laws oftentimes. They're not really one for "adventure" but if they do something new, they can do the same "new" thing over and over again. They also hate last minute changes or planning, everything must be scheduled and planned for the ISTJ's fitting. ISTPs on the other hand, are more laidback(like A4 said), and take things as they come. They're more spontaneous and can take plans til the last minute. ISTPs can hold relationships if it remains interesting and fun for them, but ISTJs are very serious about them and even quite traditional when it comes to them. It seems the "fun" aspect is separate and it's more about maintaining and upkeeping a longer relationship. Not trying to sound bias since I am an ISTP myself, but this is my experience and what I observe from other ISTPs and ISTJs. -- Female ISTP
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