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Question #1159119918Sunday, 24-Sep-2006
Category: Typing Mental Disorders
When determining one's type, would having depression (or any other behavorial disorder) have a misleading effect on the results? -- Diana
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A1 I imagine it would. Many descriptions are scewed towards positive abilities a person may posess. It might be difficult to see those qualities when we are depressed. We may feel incapable of doing anything and thus regard ourselves opposite of our natural healthy selves. For example we may feel we are introverted when we really are extraverted or imaging that we are irrational because we cant seem to bring in order to our life when we really are rational. Our inner world may seem caotic and so we may try to excape periods of isolation and so on. -- eNFP:)
A2 Absolutely. I am an ENTP with panic disorder which is usually triggered by people. Most would think that I'm an I, but the ENTP descriptions peg me, and I scored it in the keirsey please understand me book, and online tests. -- ENTP
A3 I think the opposite happens sometimes: personalities get diagnosed with disorders, that are really just personality. I have a friend who is INFJ an was brutally abused as a child. She has serious issues, but I think the biggest thing that has screwed her up is not being recognized for her personality. Her SJ family put her in counseling and drugged her up. She's bipolar now, which I don't believe. I think she has never dealt with her issues. Also ESTPs and ESFPs get diagnosed with ADHD. Feeling-Perveicers in general get diagnosed with ADD because they don't pay attention. -- Anonymous
A4 Certainly. I used to be depressed in 2005-2007, and when I did this test it said I was an ISTJ. Now I am fine again, and I act and behave just like before I got depressed, and when I made the test in January 2009 it said I was an ENFP. So that depression changed me a LOT back those days. -- Anonymous
A5 A4:-Can that really be possible? Total change? -- Anonymous
A6 Well, I actually didn't realy have a choice. I wasn't accepted the way I was, so I had to behave like a completely different person. I always used to be very talkative, but I started feeling intimidated, so I stopped talking and became sort of introverted. Before I got depressed I was a giant procrastinator, I hated planning stuff and I only liked doing things when I did them spontaniously, but that wasn't "good" acording to the people I had to deal with every day, so I turned into an J, like those people wanted me to. Even being a Feeling person wasn't okay, so i had to turn into a Thinking person. And well, I was surrounded by so many Sensing people out there that I forgot to be Intuitive. And yes, it felt like I was livingin hell. -- A4
A7 lol A6. livin in hell myself. i just want to breath. does that make u an ENFP -- Anonymous
A8 I can relate to A4 a bit. I was primarily an ENFp but my loud attention loving nature, talking and making decisions through a feeling's perceptive, and my stubbornness weren't accepted since childhood, so I turned into an ENTp. My F was repressed because of complicated family circumstances as well. Not a full fledged T but enough to make me stay confused since I think i was resonating between the two lol. it did kill my spirit a bit. Then i found myself talking and behaving through T and F according to situations. If i felt that the people i'm with likes F then i'd lean towards F, and T if otherwise. This was all subconscious though, since id never really stop and think about myself. i think i'm getting better at being aware of my self and digging into my brain to see what I REALLy want and feel instead of sorta overriding my feelings and wants. And i feel much happier now -- Anonymous
A9 I would say it does-especially in the case of extreme depression. When you have low (or no) confidence and/or trust in yourself-and the strengths that make you YOU-then yes, you "change" in that you start operating from your weaker points, and thus, can seem to act/behave more like your opposite personality type. It's not that the type of A4 (A6) changed; it's more what A4 had "become" (a Socionics "shadow" of him/herself) when under the operational influence of said depression (or other behavioral disorder). The results of that test, at that given moment in time, was likely a reflection of that shadow. -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
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A10 @A3 - As far as personality disorders go: Schizoid is commonly associated with my MBTI type, and Schizotypal is with my Socionics type. Also, I'd read somewhere, years ago, that people diagnosed with anything in the Autistic Spectrum of Disorders (including Asperger's, or borderline autism-the latter of which is what I was diagnosed with as a kid) is most commonly my same MBTI type as well. -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
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