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Question #1158269842Thursday, 14-Sep-2006
Category: Success/Failure
I know I don't have an eye for fashion and it's troubled me a lot and I don't have much confidence in my appearance. In addition, I have this mixed feelings with success. Like I always try to play down my successes and am very sensitive to others bragging about themselves. On the other hand, I like it when people know about my successes. You can say I'm not really a humble person. In addition, I hate to fail; I would beat myself up whenever I fail, but that doesn't mean I have the drive necesary for success. I could watch myself fail but feel helpless about it. Are these signs of weak Se? -- ????
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A1 I doubt it. Your first sentence is interesting though. Is the issue really "fashion" or is it dressing in a manner that is aesthetically appealing? (Unfortunately there is some discrepency between the two.) The former hints at weak Fe while the latter might suggest weak Si. -- Anonymous
A2 These sound like personal problems that might not be related to type. As far as fashion goes, get a mentor. Find someone who you feel dresses well and ask for their help. If they really enjoy clothes they will probably be flattered and happy to help you. As far as success goes, it might be useless to say lighten up but Im going to say it anyway. Lighten up. Life is too short too beat yourself (and others) up. Try not to be so externally motivated but find out what you really want for yourself without reference to anyone else. Its not wise to always compair yourself with others. It'll just make you miserable. -- Anonymous
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