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Question #1157100397Friday, 1-Sep-2006
Category: Duality Theory Intertype Relations Typing
Hi, I have two friends that are supposely INTj and ESFp and now they are very attracted to each other. So, what is the reality of this type of relation? It seems that you are pretending that their relationship will get worse in the future ?!!??? -- Sam
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A1 Socionics assumes that peoples behavior follows certain patterns and that these patterns are attractive to some and repellant to others. With that in mind, the spontaneous realization of an INTj, , is going to be the role of an ESFp, and vice versa (An ESTp's spontaneous realization is ). A person's role function is where their fears and anxieties rest. Supposedly this kind of interaction breeds tension and suspiscion between the partners. -- metroGnome, the ostensible INTj
A2 Reading this question I wonder if maybe the attraction is a superificial one. What are the circumstances behind it? Did they meet the other day and say they thought one another were 'very cute'? This could just be a physical attraction. Are they young? If they are it can mean that they aren't yet good at reading the potentials in people so they can't predict the inevitable failure of the relationship. Also, you may have typed them wrong. Perhaps the INTj is really an INTp or the ESFp is really an ESFj? There is a system of rules which make intertype relations true or false. If this system of rules runs parallel with the reality then the result will tell you what types they are. What types you think they are is another story. -- Sea Nymph
A3 @A1 I wrote "ESTp's" I meant ESFp's ... oops -- metroGnome, the ostensible INTj
A4 Incompatible intertype relations are like new shoes that don't quite fit. You love them and could even wear them for an evening out, but if you want to wear them everyday, it could be quite painful. -- Dr. Zoidberg
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A5 Did you type your INTJ friend under MBTI system? Because some MBTI INTJs are INTP in Socionics. -- Anonymous
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