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Question #1156366336Wednesday, 23-Aug-2006
Category: INTj Typing Enneagram
According to socionics I'm . I've taken Enneagram tests and showed up as distinctively 9w1 with an sx variant. I thought that Enneagram zone 9's were supposed to be MB ISFP's or INFP's. (According to MB I'm INTJ) I get consistent results from MB, socionics, and Enneagram tests, but the results I get from the different typologies are not consistent with each other. What's up? -- metroGnome
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A1 Various sites do not agree an the relationships between MBTI and Enneagram. Don't waste your time trying to figure it out. It is also not easily done, since MBTI measures specific traits. Which traits are measured by Enneagram is unknown, since it is a closed system. All this apart from my personal conviction that Enneagram is not very much worse than astrology and suffers from the Forer Effect ( Anyway, mapping one system to the other is usually not done easily. If you want to understand the complexities of mapping various systems, take a look at this article, which describes relationships between MBTI and the FFM: -- pm (ENFp, future XXXx)
A2 thanks -- metroGnome
A3 I know a person who I believe rather strongly to be all three of these things: INTJ, Enneagram #9, with a relevant #1 wing. I also wrestled with this seeming conundrum, but I finally just decided it 1's on the one hand, ARE known for being typical of INTJ's, and on the other... well, I guess I'm going with half suspension of disbelief and half credibility?! I've studied both MBTI and the Enneagram for years, and I have come to think of MBTI as something you are born with, and Enneagram as something that is developed as a result of parenting and family/sibling/life situation. Ergo, while some Enneagrams seem more or less rare with certain MBTI types, I decided its logical to believe that any MBTI could in theory be fitted with any Enneagram, based on your early life experiences. Most importantly, however, we have at least two examples of INTJ 9- even with a wing of #1- to add to a roster. *wink* It works for me! Healthnut, INTJ 1w2 -- Healthnut (INTJ, 1w2)
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A4 I'm an ENTp and a type 9... -- Anonymous
A5 I'm an ENTP type 8w/7wing. Although I wouldn't guess an ENTP as a 9...interesting. Perhaps it is because type is genetic/brain patterned (here we go with the genetic question again) and the Ennegram is more learned/early experiences. I was raised by an 8w/9wing father so he taught me a lot and I guess I learned his ways. Although he is an ESTJ. -- chrissyc
A6 Good Luck! -- Anonymous
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