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Question #1148954346Tuesday, 30-May-2006
Category: INFj Typing Math and science
Is it possible to be an INFj and yet be bad at art and good at mathematics instead, since math is supposedly an NT forte? -- miss infj
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A1 There is absolutely nothing that dictates that an INFJ should be good at art. The ISTP elements of their personality are actually just a way of relating to others...Therefore resulting in an *appreciation* of art. -- Tracy
A2 Any types can appreciate art. -- Anonymous
A3 How can you possibly ask, "Is it possible for an XXXX to be good at blahblahblah?" This is a completely ignorant question. Anything is possible. -- i'm better
A4 @A3. If not believing in that "anything is possible" defines ignorance then your own reply to the question is as equally ignorant. -- d-_-b
A5 the ability to understand math is not a thinking function, it is an intutive one. and nothing freaks out math T's more than an F who demonstrates this (re: a Beautiful Mind). go nuts. -- denial
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A6 Answer to A5: if Mathematics ability were strictly an intuitive function I would probably be a Math professor. The most likely case in my opinion is that a certain percentage of the population possesses a "Math gene" or a combination of genes that allows them to think in a certain way and perhaps visualize or otherwise understand a subject that people without that genetic makeup are clueless about. It's like a father who passed on a synesthesia gene to his daughter. Something at dinner one night tasted like yellow ochre. Of course, the mother and son had no idea what they were talking about. It seems like that's the same way with Math. -- econdude
A7 To paraphrase Albert Einstein, "It is possible to express a symphony as a set of equations, but who would want to?" Nothing about Jung's theory says that Feelers are necessarily good artists, nor does it say that they are necessarily poor mathematicians. -- Anonymous
A8 To answer miss INFj's question, yes I have got an INFj friend exactly like that. -- Anonymous
A9 There are people that calculate faster in their heads than people with calculators, so does this mean there must be some sort of type relevance? -- Anonymous
A10 What kind of math calculus, algebra, analysis, geometry? How good is "good", good at calculating things in the head, high school level math, university level math, genius that invents something new? What kind of art? And again how good? These all need different kinds of skills. It's while since I've seen A Beautiful Mind, but if you are referencing to potrayal of John Nash in the movie, he's extremely T, for example evident how he tries to pick that girl. But he's also schizophrenic, especially later in the movie, and insane people can't really be typed correctly, or movie characters for that matter. -- RR INTp
A11 My guess is John Nash was an INTj. An idiosyncratic personality style, an analyst-and on the far end of the personality disorder continuum-a schizotypal. Many people who end up with a personality disorder, IMO, can be typed. When your personality sways too much in one direction, disorders develop. I am an INFj, a sensitive and so empathetic that being around others bothers me (I physically take on their pain-emotional & physical) to the point of having an avoidant personality. But coupled with that is a genius IQ-and being excellent at mathmatics, preferring the likes of geometry over just general math. I do not figure "in my head" very well-I actually still use my fingers, and don't like general math because it's too easy to make a mistake(I find myself checking and checking when adding a string of numbers)-whereas in geometry you have to have the right answer. Period. My appreciation of art has more to do with the actual strokes and lines and what the artist is protraying, not necessarily the picture before me. It's all about the symbols, the signs, the meaning-it's a combination of art and math...They are both actually like poetry to me in a way. Art, poetry, music, math, chemistry, just about anything-as an INFj,I feel what's before me. My intuition brings a lot to me.. -- aj
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A12 I am an "AMBASSADOR" (Sensory-Ethical Extratim) and am a math professor at the university. How can that be buddy? -- AMBASSADOR
A13 Yes Miss INFJ, I'd say that's normal. Nothing to be alarmed about. I'm an ENFP and I've always been very strong in math of all types, and I get a strange sick pleasure out of studying calculus and physics. *shrugs* I'd never go into those areas for a career, but the attraction is there. And I know a female INFj who is as you described.:) -- DreamingOne
A14 I'm a female INFj who is attending the best high school in my country (latvia) and the entrance test was in math, so only the people who really can do math get in there. and just recently I had 12grade calculus exam in which I got 10 out of 10. I just wanted give an ilustration that there are INFj's who do well in math. I can crack most math problems that we are tought, but I know if I didn't do homework and didn't study regularly I'd become very bad at it, it's like math doesn't come THAT naturally to me. I do appreciate art very much too, I can't draw or create stuff too well, but when I get to something a peace of art can come out of it, but that happens rarely. I finished a music school learning guitar, but I was never as good as probably the SENSORY types were. I'm actually most into admiring maps and into geography...seeing the big picture! -- INFj here
A15 I'm an INFJ and have always been good at math and science of all types (trigonometry, calculus, chemistry, physics). However, these subjects don't always come naturally for me and I often need to spend a large amount of time in order to understand the concepts and such. I think one main difference between an NF mathematician and a NT mathematician is that NT's are generally able to focus and concentrate excessively on their studies, whereas INF's seem more ADD-prone. Or maybe that's just me. -- Anonymous
A16 @A15: I'd say that's more of an individual trait personally. I'm an INTp, but I can often have trouble concentrating on my studies, depending on various circumstances. -- BLauritson (INTp)
A17 any type can do anything. But two very different types participating in the same activity will do things very differently. Even among NTs, behaviors are not perfectly "homogenous." I'm an INTp and I have an INTj acquaintance -- he'd vocalize new possibilites for "theories" taking deliberate liberties while I'd mince them on account of his inconsistency). An INFp acquaintance present during our little exchanges understood me well but was usually bored. In retrospect, good examples of type relations. -- Anonymous
A18 Wittgenstein was an INFJ, and he was by any form of judgment a genius regarding formal mathematics. -- Anonymous
A19 There are many different forms of art, some things just look or sound good ie provide aesthetic pleasure for what they are but don't mean anything more than how they appear , wheras other art has meanings that are not obvious from the way that it appears. its all "art" its just that different people are more likely to be able to produce different types of art. Maths itself is all about abstraction, what is a number anyway? -- gm INFj
A20 all these types are RANGES, remember the % that defined whether you're an E or an I in the test? that implies that being one particular type just makes you *more likely* to be better at one thing over another, and it does not necessarily entail certain impossibilities by being a particular type. as for the art comment, art is such a complex thing, it's how something may move you, and to pin it down would make it stop being art. i think art's only real requirement is some open-mindedness. -- v - INTP
A21 math is not in the genes, I think. It is more about which part/hemisphere of the brain one preferes to use. I dont know anything about a relation between types and use of brainparts, I would guess, there isn't a relationship in general. Therefore you can do anything you want/are able to, but it is not determined by your personality type. Example: actors and musicians and the V.I. celebs on this homepage. There may be less ESTjs than ESFps among them, but all 16 types are quite well represented. (asuming the VI is correct) -- Anonymous
A22 Absolutely it is possible. I'm an ISFJ and I love math. I finished Calculus when I was 16. And I cannot draw worth crap. Type does not limit your talents. -- Anonymous
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