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Question #1147225816Wednesday, 10-May-2006
Category: Typing Advice Relationship ENFp Cheating
Which type do you think would cheat in a relationship? -- Neil
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A1 ENFP - falls in and out of love easily, more prone to move on if another relationship seems more satisfying. -- Juliana
A2 ENFps are prone to romance addiction. Which of course mostly lasts for a short amount of time with each relationship. So they move on to another relationship and when the romance fizzes away from that relationship they move on again. -- Anonymous
A3 Just because an ENFp falls in and out of love easily doesn't mean a mature ENFp doesn't take their relationships (or true commitments in general) seriously. I guess you could say ENFp's aren't the most faithful type in thoughts. As to what infidelity in deeds is concerned, from personal experience I'd say are more prone to cheat physically than any other type. -- voot (ENFp)
A4 Yeah i am really suprised about this. Im an ENFP and i absolutely hate cheating. I think you are forgetting that generally ENFP follow their own moral code very closley. I doubt i would ever cheat, i would be much more likely to evacuate from a bad relationship -- meatburger
A5 I don't think ENFps would actually cheat very frequently. I agree that they take their relationships seriously, but I also agree they'll move on to a new relationship to take seriously when they see the opportunity. The new relationship has to be significantly better, though. -- Anonymous
A6 I'm a male ENFp and I have never cheated, although I have wanted to on many occasions and had plenty of oppertunity. I'm more the kind of guy that breaks of a relationship when it starts to suffocate me, and typically after such a break-up, I will behave very promiscuous for a while, although I believe many types are like that. Sometimes, after a bad period, you just need an ego-trip. I think any type can cheat when they go wrong or have low self-esteem... -- pm (ENFp)
A7 I don't think there's a particular type that would cheat. There will be someone from any type who would do that. Even Is or/and Js can sucuumb to temptations. When does cheating starts? When one starts to fantasize about embarking in a new and more exciting relationship (which I believe most people do, or when one is seeing other behind his/her back? -- miss infj
A8 My little brother is a Enfp and he has cheated a few times on his girlfriends. He is into romance that would explain the girls at our house all the time. broncobullfrog (entj) -- Anonymous
A9 ENFp's, ENTp's, ESFp's, and ESTp's. (in no particular order) -- Anonymous
A10 ENTP. Guilty as charged. -- Anonymous
A11 sure, ENFPs are likely to get bored, but they are one of the types that are least likely to cheat. they care far too much about people's feelings, and have a strong moral sense. -- Anonymous
A12 healthy ENFP's are idealists, they may move from relationship to relationship quickly, but aren't very likely to cheat if they're in a serious relationship. they have a very strong set of values that they live by. if they're healthy. -- Anonymous
A13 ENTP. Gets bored easily, not too mindful of the other party's feelings. Easily "bargains with one's conscience" (quoted from the ENTP uncovered section) -- Anonymous
A14 I am a male ENFP and for some reason cheating has been a problem for me in the past. I find my relationships great and full of love and to my dismay I can't turn down all those ladies that throw themselves at me. -- Anonymous
A15 I'm an ENTp and I have never cheated on anyone. :/ -- ENTp
A16 What about ENTJ's they get my vote. -- Anonymous
A17 A16, your vote doesn't really count. If the question is, what type cheats more, that's an empirical question. Some *data* please, or that topic is pointless. If you're simply interested in people's speculation about who's likely to cheat (but don't particularly care who does, in real life), I'd suggest INFp. Why not INFps? They get my vote. -- The Sum-Total ENTj.
A18 I don't this question can ever be answered without statistics and by forum alone, but lets if its possible reduce the odds for you. Working on the basis of a chance/success ratio, i'll attempt to start it off: one could say that E types are more likely-as due to their more outgoing nature you would expect them to have more opportunities. That takes it to eight types. Anyone care to deduce further? Working oppositely, from what I have read about ISFj the idea of 'one night stands' and the like could possibly leave them feeling invaded or some other unusual repugnant feeling, so due to this possible tendency and introverted (I =less chances of them having an opportunity) answers the reversal of your question. So if you are looking to see who won't go behind you, judging by type alone, there is your answer. Have you had experience of two timing? -- Cyclops
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A19 A17: The question is which type do you think would cheat, as in my opinion. Which is based on my experience with their desire and love for power and conquest which can and does in my opinion have a stronger draw then say boredom in regards to cheating. If you disagree that they have a strong desire for power and conquest and that this easily could translate into cheating, then maybe you should rethink your type. -- Anonymous
A20 @ A19 - I assume you refer to our H.A., or "tertiary Se," etc. Yes, I know. But, I mean, personally I'd imagine more promiscuous ENTjs than myself to live playboy/girl lifestyles without being tied down or committing. Because, why? From a Te perspective, if you don't intend to honor an agreement, you probably don't make it. If you don't want to continue complying with it, you sever. You probably don't "cheat." If the question was, "Which type is most likely to leave their wife and run off with their secretary?" I'd probably answer ENTj. In a heartbeat. Not that I'd do that. So, basically, your point is valid, but nothing is proven. Personally, I'd imagine that another type more inclined to be in relationships all the time *must* be more likely to cheat, empirically. -- The Sum-Total ENTj.
A21 A20: OK cool and I agree as I see your point as well. I am curious to get more information from you. What does H.A. mean? Is there a site with more information about it? I just tend to think that a chronic cheater would be an E and have either or as the 7th or 8th function. A chronic cheater as being one that was less aware or willing to take others feelings into account. But I can also see a romantic type like a INFP looking for romance, possibly doing the same thing. At any rate, I agree that one ought to sever a commitment before starting a new one. -- An ENTP
A22 A20 can you just clarify for me please, why would a person more inclined to be in a relationship look to sacrifice it by cheating (which implies two timing) and potentially risk ruining that relationship to end up with nothing? A21, H.A. is shorthand for hidden agenda, there's some good info on it on this site. -- Cyclops
A23 oh ok got it. -- An ENTP
A24 A21 sorry to put two posts in the one go here but your both confusing me, maybe my brain isn't working just now but why would you think that ESFj or ENFj would be unaware or refuse to take other peoples feelings into account, as by they both extroverts an they got feeling as a seventh or eighth function? -- Cyclops
A25 No, I am referring to ENTJ, ENTP, ESTP, and ESTJ. I think my brain wasn't working earlier either as H.A. I thought was some new Up too late with a friend last night I guess. -- An ENTP
A26 @ A22 - Sorry for the confusion. I'll see if I can clarify a bit. First of all, I didn't attempt a serious answer the first time around, back @ A19. My absolute best guess for the type most likely to cheat, based on personal experience, is ESTp. I'm pretty sure that all of my ESTp friends have, once if not more. Second, I see the confusion you refer to. My point was that, certain types have comparatively greater "need" to be in a relationship. The more you need that, the more likely it seems (at least to me) that you'll enter an average relationship, where you end up cheating simply because they weren't right for you (as you suspected), and someone better comes along. I have a hard time imagining ENTjs doing that. We typically will not enter any relationship, unless the person seems extremely great. At least, this is my opinion. If I commit, chances are I value her very highly and will take my bond seriously. Just speculation, like I warned, earlier -- - The Sum-Total ENTj
A27 Its a difficult question to answer and the answer may not come from a surely socionic point of view. However I would say to answer we need to try to collate some more information. It would be interesting to hear from anyone out there who has been cheated on, to try and perhaps establish a particular common thread. As an ISTp my problems do not personally come from attracting a mate, but it is when I am with them I find myself restless and find the need to move on and my partner is just a bit restrictive (I don't necessarily mean move on to a new girl) Although I can take solace that I have never went behind someones back. Looking back I don't think I have been cheated on tho there's no way to know that for definite. So hence, as I asked in A18 - who has? And was that to do with your type or theirs ? -- Cyclops
A28 Seriously, we are on a27 debating a very simple question, this is ridiculous. Some people are monogamous some are polygamous, guess which one would cheat? Um...ENTp? -- Dr. Zoidberg
A29 Dr Zoidberg its not the first time you have popped up with your bizarre insights. In fact on a previous post you referred to me as an idiot (of which as you can imagine no one can see perhaps except you, can see the relevance of such immature inputs) and even the moderator had to step in to request that you keep it civilized. I have noticed on searching that a few of your posts look to insult people, one I recall was were you consistently calling someone a 'weirdo' On analysing this, I think that there must be more to this than your ENFj (I beleive you are this type) ENFj-ISTp conflict going on because seriously, most people would not see the relevance of your outburtst. Now perhaps this thread will not go anywhere, perhaps it will, but we will never fing out unless we talk about it. And personally I like talking about stuff like this. So I guess essentially, thank you for your input, but if you see a thread you dont want to get involved in, why do you still feel tempted to get involved in (anyway guys lets not try to get dragged into a Dr zoidberg debate if possible) I look forward to sum-total, entp and any other input -- Cyclops
A30 I'm not ENFj, you fool. Also, if you think that type and cheating are related you are double fool. Also next time I'll post as Anonymous, so that you read my comments without prejudice you triple fool. -- Anonymous
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