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Question #1147042926Sunday, 7-May-2006
Category: ESTp Relationship IXTx women
female "IT" types i have a strong conviction that introverted thinking types in females are rare, perhaps inexistent. i find that i naturally dont get along with girls as friends very well, and i would attribute it to the fact that as an ESTP, i dont have many "girl" types that i get along with. for instance, the types commonly found in females that i can get along with are the ESFJ. but even then, because i am a beneficiary of that type, i am easily vulnerable to their psychological attacks, hence having difficulty establishing a close friendship. as ESTP, i naturally get along well with ISTP, ISTJ and INTPs- all "IT" types. however, i dont think i know many females who are IT types. is my conviction that introverted thinking types are only characteristic in males true? if not, how do i identify female "IT" types? what are some examples of female IT types? -- Anonymous
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A1 There certainly are many female introvert thinkers. ISTJ's seem very common in women. My ISTJ friend, a hair stylist, is quiet, demure and dresses with classic elegance. An old roommate and also a coworker are INTP - both are very intelligent scientific-minded women and go for a more natural look using little or no makeup. I've also worked with a couple of INTJ women, also very intelligent and non-prissy. One is a software development business analyst, a career perfect for an INTJ. I would venture to say, however, that even thinking type women are more emotional than thinking type men. By the way, I am your duel, INFP, and I'm sure you're a lot of fun to be around. Most ESTP's I know are men, except for maybe my one skateboarding girlfriend. She is the coolest! -- Anonymous
A2 That is a thought provoking post. It reminds me of something I saw on the web that someone wrote about Julia Roberts (ISTj, thanks to Sergei's ID). A fan wrote how "she is such a wonderful, warm person". This about an ISTj? The fan was caught up in his or her own fantasy about Julia's characters. I think the point is a female I-T- will be true to her type, you just have to know how to spot them. As always, acculturation can make identifying introverts and women "Ts" more complicated. But female I-T-s are definitely out there. I've run into several women ISTps that I was able to ID and I believe I've identified two female celebrity INTps. -- econdude
A3 Typically, IT-women that don't get along with non-IT women, might suffer from high neurosis. In fact, any type with high neurosis will have more social issues than low neurosis types. Many intertype relationship problems do not actually stem from type differences, but from neurotic problems. To give you an example. I recently had a short relation with an ISTP woman (which I only found out later) and I myself am ENFP. So, she was my dual! We were together for 1 month, and this month was the most exiting of my life. However, we broke up because she was constantly nagging about her former boy friend and was using way to much alcohol and recreational drugs. Once I started to express my concern about our drug use getting out of control, the relationship was pretty fast nearing its end. In hindsight I realize the both of us had low self-esteem (=high neurosis), which is the cause of our break-up in spite of us being a dual pair. To quote from this site on duality: "However, let's not idealise these relations too much. Although theoretically relations of Duality are the best of the best, practically not everybody who is your Dual will make your dreams come true. The reason for this is that we are usually so twisted up during the course of our lives that our already formed and stable views and attitudes can affect our relationships quite heavily." That is exactly what it is. It is my humble believe that a high self-esteem indivudual of any type is perfectly capable of having relationships with other high self-esteem individuals of any type. You might nee to work on your level of self-esteem! P.S. That's why I like the Five Form Factor (Big 5) in addition to MBTI and Socionics: it also provides info on level of neurosis in addition to the know 4 dimensions of MBTI/Socionics. -- pm
A4 I myself am a female INTJ, so there is your proof, we exist. From what I've read, and know about myself, we're not the type to put ourselves on display and often withold alot, so it would definately be difficult to "identify" a Ti type. -- jw
A5 Behold. A female INTJ. A stastical impossibility. -- intJ
A6 we certainly are a rare breed -- intj woman
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Oh, I know plenty of you, don't get so high and mighty.
A7 I'm also a female INTJ. Surprise, surprise. -- Lynx
A8 As others have already stated, we're here, we're simply not as 'flamboyant' as our Extroverted sisters. However, we are the ones behind the scenes, quietly making sure that things get done. -- ISTJ -- Anonymous
A9 You'll find plently of introverted thinking women at the computer, in the lab, at home reading a book, etc. How many have you actually met outside work and the net? We tend to concentrate in areas where we use our brains and don't have to talk to anyone. female intp -- observer84
A10 Oh, but if you DO encounter us at a bar, you'd have no idea we're INTp. -- observer84
A11 im an ENTJ i read this and just wanted to add that my girlfriend is a INTx she does engineering and works at a water reclamation plant she is a behind the scenes person. -- bronco bullfrog
A12 ISTj women are hot. -- FDG(ESTp)
A13 and here I am -- yet another INTJ woman. We are real! -- Anonymous
A14 another INTJ woman here. -- no small talk please
A15 i suppose there are many INTJ and INTP women who read these comments. i know i do to make some sense of the world outside which seems to be governed by the rules of the extraverted sensisng types. -- another INTJ woman!
A16 A point of clarification, ESTp - - is not the beneficiary of ESFj - . A beneficiary's spontaneous realization is of the same kind, but opposite color as the benefactor's program function; and the benefactor's spontaneous realization is the functional opposite of the beneficiary's program function. That said, ESTp is the beneficiary of - ENTj. -- Anonymous
A17 Are ISTP women hot too? You don't need to answer that, I already know I am (lol). I've also tested as a ISTJ, so I guess best of both worlds (?) Scuse me, gotta run, some 'feeling type' is walking towards me trying to make something called conversation -- An ISTP woman
A18 As a INTJ male who has had the pleasure of encountering the rare INTJ women, humbly ask all of you to be brave and put yourself out there for guys like me to find. -- Anonymous
A19 I am also an INTJ woman (see, we DO exist. and we sit at home googling "INTJ women" to see if there are others out there). Right now I am enjoying the few hours this evening when my uncreative, over-emotional, disorganized, ISFP husband is at work. I'm sure he'll come home in a poopy mood but then won't tell me why and won't come up with a plan to fix the problem. -- Anonymous
A20 Uh, but how can we identify a drunk INTJ woman? Theoretically, my optimal partner is supposed to be an ESFP, but I really don't know why I find an INTJ computer geekette sexy. -- simoncpu, INTP
A21 Wow! there sure are lotssa of INTJ's out there. I thought a was ALONE!! all ma life ppl told me am wierd and well..different. guess am not alone -- Anonymous
A22 A1: "I'm aiming to out-sag your grandma" look -- pricy. Healthy, "natural look" -- priceless. -- an INTP guy
A23 Holler, you call me right? I'm an INTP. But I'm student. 15 year old student, erm, I shouldn't tell you how to spot INTP girls. If you befriend with them, you might identify them. I can see if a girl is INTP, but if she doesn't control her emotion, bang goes on them. Some tests to say that I am an INTP but also an INTJ and ISTP. Well met. You can see them, but you got to be more prudent. Some won't say anything. INTP are quite mysterious. -- Mir
A24 INTJ woman here. An a drunk INTJ woman?? Well, if you approach her while drunk, she'll probably be the one who will either look at you with a sinister stare or make a snarky comment. -- Anonymous
A25 I am an INTJ woman. I see now why I have always believe to be different. I am also different from many of the descriptions of an INTJ. Therefore, I have been in denial until now. In regards to drunks. I have never been drunk and I do not like drunks nor like being around them. It turns me off seeing people mentally out of control. And I don't wish to be out of control. I am pro natural high. -- Anonymous
A26 5 stages of drinking party: 1. getting the drinks (20-min.); 2. drinking them (30-min.); 3. being "buzzed" (30-min.); 4. puking and mopping up after the person next to you; this is punctuated by complaints about how hard work is and nagging about former bf/gf relations; there is a "feeling" of "together-ness" in the "group" (3-hours); 5. hang-over with splitting headache (~1 morning); ... sounds like INTj headquarters to me. What other type could "optimize" self-waste so well? -- Anonymous
A27 wow,I have stomped on this post.... they say that about 75% of people in this world is S and about 25% of them are N. But after reading this, there are ALOT of INTJ women out there. Are they just more prone to personalites Analyses and the internet or are they more than that 25%? -- Anonymous
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A28 A27: Maybe N people have a greater propensity to get fixated with Socionics -- marga the ENTP
A29 INTP male here, 5W4. As it happens, I am not a LONELY man, and never have been. (I am merely preparing you for my questions-about which I'm self-conscious, being essentially a gentleman): Do INTJ women have what we'll call "rich fantasy lives"? If my guess ("I suppose") is correct, the burden on women of your Type must be enormous because you have even less need than most women to act on these or to share them with a trusted partner. Forgive my sounding like a "smart ass" here; this is not at all my intent-and I may be mistaken. And I'm sure as hell not asking questions re content. I am trying only to understand how a highly intelligent woman (who tends to "experience" a large part of her life in her Inner Sanctum) FEELS about this. And if one or more of you would be kind enough to help me to understand, I would be most grateful. -And to any whom I've offended, my sincere aplologies. -- Anonymous
A30 oy, teenage female INTP right here! rare, yes, but we do exist. -- chase
A31 Willow from buffy vamp IT IT chick -- Anonymous
A32 a 17- of course istp women are hot!!! though most people I know are FEs instead of ITs- men and women. -- istp
A33 awww our society/media protrays woman as femanine With high F funtion... maybe its also becuase the way male/female body and the chemical their body makes which makes them who they are, but I also think that who we hang out with/sibings/role model can influence your personality greatly... i mean if you have been with population that are high in T/F and maybe even S/N then you somehow change your natural self and be more like them. -- ItzJas
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