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Question #1142104630Saturday, 11-Mar-2006
Category: Career
what socionics types do have the potential to be good detectives? -- Rob
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A1 ENTps and INTjs. -- Anonymous
A2 ISTp, ESTj, ENTp, ISTj, INTp... you know, everyone can sing -- zonk
A3 INTJs 4 sure, cos they r independent of wht oders think, try unconventional methods n good deduction. -- cal
A4 ESTj = the ultimate Sherlock Holmes. INXjs can intuitively detect what many other types miss. In particular, INFjs can have uncanny realizations, but probably wouldn't be have enough convincing evidence which others would understand and validate. -- Anonymous
A5 that's probably true about intj's, I was able to track down my dog that was kidnapped by my neighbor and sent 2 citys away. -- Anonymous
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A6 ESTjs & ISTps. -- Anonymous
A7 ENTJ. They love problem solving. -- Anonymous
A8 ENTps - imagination, fast reactions, flexibility, E thus possessing some social skills but not relating to the people emotionally. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A9 Hmm, I'm not really sure that Ne types would excel in this area as good detective work seems to center around adhering to Occam's Razor and reducing the myriad possibilities to a single, likely option rather than wildly generating unconventional theories or explanations (but I don't really know what I'm talking about). -- Anonymous
A10 As an ISTp I think I see things well, I can spot the clues, but I have trouble connecting the dots. I think you need Ne to be able to link the evidence into a scenario. I can see the candlestick in the Library, but I never suspected Colonel Mustard. -- Anonymous
A11 @ A10 LOL -- Anonymous
A12 A9, that's where the ISTp steps in! The best detectives would be the dual pair! -- Anonymous
A13 An istj would be excellent at collecting the data, facts and figures that go hand in hand with detective work -- Anonymous
A14 Possibly an intuitive type to interview the suspects and a sensing type to gather concrete evidence to take a case to court. -- ESTJ Female
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